Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Yellow Nails After Nail Polish? Not Anymore!

Hey girls, do you suffer with the yellowish color after you remove nail color? Following are few ways you can prevent and get rid of this yellow nail problem:

  • Use a base coat before the nail polish: Using a base coat not only gives your nail color enough base to stick on, it also prevents the sticking of dark nail colors to your nails which is the basic cause of nail darkening/yellowing.
  • Home remedy for yellow nails: Make a paste of one tablespoon water with talcum powder and apply on your nails. Let it dry for few minutes and wash off. Apply twice a week at least.
  • Use good quality nail color: Try to use good quality nail polish which does not stain your nails. Please note that good quality does not always refer to high priced nail colors. Lesser priced nail polishes can also be good quality. Personally, I like Medora and Sweet Touch nail polishes which have good color maintenance and quick drying capability.
  • Apply a top coat over the nail color: As such this one does not directly affect the staining of nails, but for a good manicure overall, application of a top coat is very helpful.
For other ideas to take care of your nails, you can read my previous post here.
Do you have any other tips for yellow nails? Do share below.
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Nail colors look lovely ... but do you get yellow nails afterwards?

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