Saturday, July 11, 2015

Caring For your Nails !!!

Hi girls … today I m going to share a few easy tips with you regarding your nail care. I don’t want to share too complex tips which would consume your time and u end up ignoring them.

So without much further a do… lets see what the tips are:

  • Add proteins and calcium to your diet – you can eat multivitamins for this purpose or you can eat the natural foods which contain these elements and therefore improve your overall health AND your nails …  isnt it cool !
  • Who doesn’t like french fries … we all do right? Next time you make your french fries, don’t peel off the skin … eat those with the skin on… potato’s skin is rich in nutrients which are good for your nails & skin
  • Massage olive oil/coconut oil on your cuticles and nails every night (OR at least twice a week) – you will see the difference in few weeks.
  • Use lemon skin peel on your discolored or stained nails
  • Nail polish removers mostly contain Acetone – which is a solvent best for dissolving nail polish, but it dries out your skin and nails. Try using acetone free nail polish remover if you have sensitive skin. Or if you need quick nail polish remover and cant avoid acetone; make sure you moisturize your skin before and after nail polish remover.
  • Use a hand cream every night before sleeping


These were few of the easy tips to take care of your nails, I have tried my best to make sure these are not very difficult to do so that every one of you can try them out. Do let me know if you have other easy tips.

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