Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Review–Batiste Dry Shampoo In Blush

Cold weather ? or you are too lazy to get up and take a shower? Or not enough time to take a shower and just want a quick solution for your oily hair? Well, i have a review of a wonderful product for you guys - Dry Shampoo... YES a shampoo which needs no water. Isnt that great?
Lets walk through the details of the dry shampoo while i tell you my experience with this product. It comes in a spray form and looks like a body deodorant in the first look.
I specially waited for my hair to get naturally oily before writing this review as I wanted to show you girls the actual effect of the product. Following pictures explain the effectiveness of the dry shampoo:
Here is how my hair looked before application of the dry shampoo:
Here is a look of the hair after the application:
I personally bought this dry shampoo through my uncle who lives in the UK; although I have heard that you can get it in some superstores in Karachi. I haven’t personally seen these being sold anywhere in Islamabad. However it is such a good product that I wanted to share this with all you girls.
Have you guys used this product or anything similar? Do share.

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