Saturday, December 28, 2013

Organizing Your Beauty Box

Hello Lovelies …

Almost all of us do have beauty boxes which are our lovely possessions. Mine is a box with a good height and can carry a lot of my makeup items. This kind of a box is a blessing specially when u r travelling. It can carry small makeup kits, my brushes, even a small hair dryer. It is closed with a zipper so carrying it is even easier and safe when I am carrying it around.



There was, however, one big problem; I used to dump all my stuff into this box and while doing my makeup I had to dig into the box and look for the items I needed that time.

Here is a look of my beauty box originally:


I thought there was an immense need to properly organize the items in the box – and this is what I did.

I used some old tissue rolls and placed them in the box. then I placed my pencils, brushes and foundation bottle etc into them; now they are neatly arranged and easily found. Also, I cut some of the tissue rolls in half and separated one section of my beauty box with the shorter toilet rolls and placed my smaller makeup items like lipsticks and kajal sticks etc there.

Here is a screenshot of how it looks after this arrangement:

20131228_171537 20131228_171625  
20131228_171739 20131228_171916  


I am quite satisfied after this arrangement and finding things has been easy peasy after doing this. If you have some great organizing ideas, please share : )



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