Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Amazing Organizer–Purse Insert

Okay girls, I know how irritating it is to dig in for stuff you are looking for in your hand bag and things of all sort keep coming out instead of the ONE thing you are actually looking for … yes that’s funny but it always happens to  me and I am sure it would have happened to you girls as well. now if your hand bag has multiple compartments and mini pockets all your stuff can be organized BUT not all the hand bags have this kind of arrangement.
I recently came across a page on facebook called Shakir’s Collections and was amused by the unique and amazing product ideas they have. One thing that captured my attention was this purse insert. I always had a problem of organizing my hand bag and was using different pouches etc for organizing my stuff in the hand bag. One of my previous posts explains that here. Anyhow, this thing was worth trying as I am an organizing freak and I am always looking for ways to set maximum possible stuff in minimum possible space (LOL). this purse insert was not very expensive and I wanted to try this out.

These are the things which are actually inside this purse insert at the moment:
I ordered this purse insert from Shakir’s collections and it took a few days to reach me. NOW, to my surprise, this MINI purse insert just took care of ALL my belongings in the hand bag and my bag was surprisingly EMPTY. I suddenly realized that my hand bag was quite empty if the things are arranged properly.
As I mentioned in my previous post, I have separate pouches already for the makeup stuff and for my data cables etc. so now I have this purse insert, makeup pouch, accessory pouch and my wallet and I am all set. And with this super setting, changing a hand bag is a BREEZE cos it takes hardly 5 minutes. I used to delay changing hand bags only cos there was too much effort involved in looking for mini pockets and stuffing the bag and adjusting each item somewhere and now I just have to pick up a few main items and drop them in my other bag and I am DONE.
Here are a few different angles and pockets of this purse insert:
Side view and top view:
2012-12-11-264   2012-12-11-261
I have more room in my hang bag and I even don’t have to use any of the bag’s own mini pockets. and believe me my purse insert STILL has a lot of room for more stuff which makes me happier as I can stuff in more and more into this and still have room in my bag.
This is how it looks inside my bag:

Now when I put other stuff in my bag:
I am so in love with this product and thank Shakir’s Collections for this amazing product and this is why I wanted to write this post.
This is the original post on Shakir’s Collections page:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Amazing uses of Baking Soda


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Biggest Skincare Sins

Skincare is a tricky business. You try and try and try millions of expensive and costly  products while the secret of glowing skin lies in simple and less costly ways. There are some ways which are really cost effective YET very beneficial for your skin. You can make a daily routine to follow some basic and simple steps and your skin will feel better in a matter of days. Following are some of the skincare sins I have personally learnt through my own experience; thought you might be interested in knowing what my experience says:

  1. Skipping a sunblock: By far the most crucial thing for your skin is a proper sunblock. I personally never considered it something useful until I just visited a dermatologist for a few spots on my face and she told me that my skin was heavily sun damaged (I used to think my skin is quite better than the others till then :P, however she proved me wrong). I started feeling better with my skin in two days of starting the sunblock. If you are not sure which sunblock you should use, try going to a dermatologist and ask him/her which sunblock would suit your skin type. Please note that using the wrong sunblock for your skin might lead to adverse effects on your skin instead of positive. So its a quite critical decision on which sunblock to choose. I have noticed myself that whenever i skip my sunblock for a number of days my skin starts deteriorating. In fact I myself skipped the sunblock for about a month being lazy and noticed my skin was getting worse and worse. I was not sure what was causing the problem and was thinking of taking an appointment with a skin doctor. I just started my sunblock out of nowhere the same days and noticed improvement in my skin in 3-4 days. Then I realized that the whole problem with my skin was due to inapplication of the sunblock. I can go on and on about the usefulness of a sunblock but I guess this is enough :p
  2. Drinking Less Water: Water makes up 70% of your body and is an essential requirement of your body tissues. You should at least be drinking 8 glasses of water per day. My own skin has started feeling much better ever since i have improved my water intake. In absence of proper water intake, your skin is dry, your face and eyes might feel puffy and swollen due to the increased mineral ratio in your body and lesser water. Make at least 6-8 glasses of water a part of your daily life and see how your skin glows.
  3. No Cleansing: Another skincare sin will be NOT cleansing your skin. Experts suggest that you should be cleansing twice a day everyday but I personally cleanse once a day so I would recommend that. You can use any Good Quality cleanser and cleanse before you go to sleep as night is the time when your skin repairs and rejuvenates itself.
So what do you think girls, do you want to add to my list of skincare sins? Please share your thoughts...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review–Makeup Academy Extreme Metallics Eyeshadow Quad in GO GETTER

Eyeshade trios and quads are easy to carry and you get multiple looks using one trio and quad. I have been using complete eyeshadow kits till now and MUA Extreme Metallics Go Getter was my first quad.


I had never used MUA products before so I was not sure if I will like it or not. However, I think MUA is a good choice if you want to save money and get good makeup in your stash. Its not so expensive and you can get it at PKR 500/- only from Just4girls.pk 

The shades are neutral earthy tones and I personally chose this one because I think this can be used with any dress and can be a part of casual and semi formal makeup. Even formal makeup can be done using this quad very easily. Its just how you play with all the colors.


The eye shadow quad claims the following:


Following is a swatch of the metallic shades on my hand (I have traces of Mehndi on my hands that’s why I have shared two pics so that you can see the colors better in any of them):


What I think:

What I think about this product; I think it’s a good value for money, it gives you many choices of eye makeup using just this set of four shades. another good thing is that all these shades can be used with a  ny colors of your dress and in case you are in a hurry or you have only this quad with you you can create lovely eyes giving yourself casual, semi formal & formal looks. You can use it either way you like but here is a guideline from what I think:

  • First two shades (1 & 2) can be used as highlighters and highlighting the inner corners of the eyes
  • Second two shades (2 & 3) can be used on lid
  • Shade 3 can be used on crease as well
  • Shade 4 is also for crease and outer corner

The above are just my preferred ways of using the quad however you guys can use these differently and share all the different ways you can use this quad.

I hope I have done a good review for you guys Smile … Have you used this quad? Share your experiences if you have below Smile

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Review–Soft Touch Skin Clarifying Mineral Mask

Masks are really good for your skin if applied correctly and with regular intervals; many of my favorite masks are basically homemade but some of the market based masks are also very good. I personally prefer masks with natural ingredients so the skin gets some natural food and I guess natural/herbal masks add life and glow to your skin.

2012-08-27-212 2012-08-27-213

I purchased this Soft Touch Skin Clarifying Mineral Mask (75g) for PKR 125 from Pehchan Mall Sialkot Cantt. It claims the following:


Inside its white creamy paste which smells refreshing. This is a thick paste which you can apply using any mask brush. When you apply it to your face you feel a cool menthol kind of feeling and skin feels refreshed on the application.


As per the directions you have to wait for the mask to dry in 10 minutes and wipe off with a wet sponge. Well I washed my face after waiting for about 15 minutes.


The results were very good and impressive I must say. My skin actually felt very refreshed with the very cool feeling on the skin and the pores were actually clarified. Skin felt clearer and cleaned when I wiped the mask off before washing the face with plain water. I am surely going to buy this product once again after it finishes and definitely recommend it to everyone out there.

However, please notice that different skin products may work differently on different skin types, so one product that might work very well on me might not be as good on your skin. Nevertheless, I personally find this product to do what it says and I consider it a good value for money. If you ask me I ll buy it again, YES I will !!


There is no frequency of usage mentioned on the jar but I think this mask can be used about once/twice a week.

Have you guys ever used this mask? If yes, how was your experience? Do share with us… Smile

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mehndi Designs

Well who doesn’t like mehndi … at least I love mehndi from the core of my heart and I am always looking for nice designs to be applied. I had been quite an artist for the mehndi myself but when I was getting married I was looking for some professional who can apply mehndi on my hands & feet. I found this wonderfully talented mehndi designer called Ali who was working in a Mehndi parlor in Rawalpindi. Since then I have been his regular customer and have hired him for the work many times. He was kinda the official mehndi designer for my wedding as all my cousins loved to have him apply the beautiful designs on his hand. I wanted to do a blog post on him and his beautiful designs so that he gets some acknowledgment of the work he does.


Following are his contact details:


Ali Mehndi Designer

Phone: 0315 515 4369


He gives you home service and for bridal mehndi he charges approx PKR 3K. It depends on how much dense you want the mehndi to be. He makes his mehndi himself and applies it with a syringe. You can see some of the designs here and all of the designs in the album on my facebook page:




For more mehndi designs see my album on my facebook page here:


if You do contact him you can give him my reference Smilecos I am kind of a permanent customer of his Smile

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What should be In Your HandBag

Okay, I have been thinking for a long time to write a blog post like this. Every girl wants to make the most out of her hand bag. This blog post is mainly for working girls like me who have to spend more of their day at office or somewhere outside their home so a handbag is more or less all they have during the day. it should have all the required items that someone might need during the day. So I am not here to, you know ask you to follow the exact same things but definitely I will tell  you what s inside my handbag for work and why I think it’s a necessary item. I would also want all of you to share what’s inside your hand bag so that maybe someone can get an idea … isnt that great…


Hmm … I personally prefer my handbag for work to be a bit HUGE … I want it to hold so many of the things I would be needing during the day. so the size if you are working from 9 to 5 or 9 to 6 should be big enough to hold important items. the items inside my bag always include the following:

  • My wallet –> Definitely you need a wallet when you go out to keep your money and cards etc in it.


  • My beauty pouch –> Well, for every girl there HAS to be a beauty pouch in the bag. while some girls want to put their stuff right in the bag; I prefer organizing things as much as possible. So I keep a small pouch and put all the beauty related items in there. Here is its picture, It contains the following basic beauty items:
    • Sun block
    • Tinted Moisturizer
    • Face powder
    • Blushers (two of them – one is shimmery and one is matte)
    • Lip gloss – one that is a shimmery glossy pink matching my natural lips with a sheen
    • One eye liner
    • One lip pencil
    • a hand sanitizer
    • a small mirror
    • a kajal stick




  • My techie stuff –> well this is for the girlies who are more tech savvy like myself Smile with tongue out … I put all this stuff in another pouch Smile and here is whats included in this one:
    • My cell phone charger
    • my tablet charger
    • my flash drives
    • my mobile data cable


  • A pack of facial wipes
  • a pack of tissues
  • a wide toothed comb
  • some instant pain killers and quick medicines
  • some safety pins
  • a moisturizer


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Review–Flormar Super Neon Colors in Green–NO14

I have been looking for a neonic green color since ages and finally Flormar was the solution to my much long awaited search. So I am not going to keep it to myself and make you all aware of the wonderful product this is.


The Packaging:

It’s a beautiful packing with 11 ml liquid nail polish.



The Pricing:

It can be bought from any big cosmetic store in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. I purchased it for PKR 170 from Al jannat mall Commercial Market Rawalpindi. I think with the size of the bottle and its quality the value for money is good.

The Results:

Results are truly neonic. Its like this flourescent green color which looks amazing on the hands; and especially when your dress is matching, the effects are mind blowing Smile … However, the first coat is a bit transparent, so if you want darker color you definitely need to apply a few more coats. In the pictures I have shared there are three coats of the nail color applied on my nails.



Have you guys used this shade? Share your experiences if you have.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review–Garnier Naturals Pure Pimple Control Pen

Okay, so who doesn’t hate pimples, of course we all do … and what if it pops up right before a wonderful event or party you had been preparing for since days and days in advance… obviously it’s the worst at such a time … so what should we do when such a situation comes up. we try to apply all kind of quick fixes to get rid of the pimple … which sometimes work and sometimes they worsen the condition  …

However, I found a product that really works … at least for me … lets discuss in detail the product and its results. Its Garnier Naturals Pure Pimple control pen.


The Packaging:

It is packaged in a cute small tube, which has a nozzle appropriate for application directly from the tube. the product itself is in a gel based formula which is transparent. it has a good fragrance which is a plus point and does not make u feel like you  have applied some medicine etc on your face.


The Pricing:

I got it for 295 PKR from Shaheen Chemist F-6 SUper market Islamabad.


The Results:

I would say I was impressed with the results. I just bought this thing out of curiosity to see how it works Smile with tongue out … for a long time when I bought this I didn’t get any pimple to see the results of this product but when I did I was so excited to finally check out my new product Smile with tongue out lol I know its funny Winking smile … anyhow … I applied this product on my pimple every 3 hours … and that pimple zapped out the next day … it was almost completely dry the next day and by the evening it was gone … there was no black or dirty mark left after that even Smile which is definitely a plus point. Another time when I got two pimples on my face they took almost two days with application of this product after every 5-6 hours during the day. All in all I think this product is a must have for you as it dries out the pimple very nicely and treats your skin well. It also prevents you from touching your pimple again and again.

Have you guys tried this product? if yes, what are your experiences; do share with me here.

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