Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Review–Flormar Super Neon Colors in Green–NO14

I have been looking for a neonic green color since ages and finally Flormar was the solution to my much long awaited search. So I am not going to keep it to myself and make you all aware of the wonderful product this is.


The Packaging:

It’s a beautiful packing with 11 ml liquid nail polish.



The Pricing:

It can be bought from any big cosmetic store in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. I purchased it for PKR 170 from Al jannat mall Commercial Market Rawalpindi. I think with the size of the bottle and its quality the value for money is good.

The Results:

Results are truly neonic. Its like this flourescent green color which looks amazing on the hands; and especially when your dress is matching, the effects are mind blowing Smile … However, the first coat is a bit transparent, so if you want darker color you definitely need to apply a few more coats. In the pictures I have shared there are three coats of the nail color applied on my nails.



Have you guys used this shade? Share your experiences if you have.

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