Thursday, May 26, 2016

#Review - #Rimmel #MatchPerfection #Skintone Adapting #Concealer 010 #Ivory

Ladies, recently i have been experimenting with lots of concealers to see which one suits my skin tone the best and have found out really good concealers in my quest for the best one. However, every item has pros and cons of their own like every product and therefore I want to share my thoughts with you so you already know which items to try and which items to ignore :) Today I am going to #review the #Rimmel #matchPerfection #Skintone Adapting Concealer in 010 #Ivory which claims that it is both concealer and highlighter. Read on to find out if it satisfied me or not!!!
#Rimmel #Match #Perfection #Skintone Adapting #Concealer 010 #Ivory

The Packaging:

#Rimmel #matchPerfection #Skintone Adapting #Concealer comes in a tube with a brush at the end for application. I really wanted to try this tube shape out cos this was first of this kind for me therefore it was one of the factors I bought this concealer :D 

The Pricing:

Price of this concealer is PKR 650/- only which is quite reasonable I think. You can get it from any cosmetic store which has a #Rimmel counter.

Product Details:

The concealer tube claims the below on its back:
Banish signs of fatigue and illuminate the eye area. With an oxygen complex, lets skin breathe
Since this was the first time I bought this concealer, I took some time while choosing the shade for my skin at the counter  and chose the shade 010 #Ivory for myself as it seemed to be suiting my skin very nicely. The concealer actually lives up to the claim of "Skin Adaptation" as when you apply it on your dark circles, for a while it seems a bit off shade or bright for your skin tone; but in a minute or two it really adapts to your skin shade and gets merged with your foundation. It feels very light on your skin and does not form layer on your skin so it makes for a good daily wear concealer. It has a little bit sheen to it so can be used as a daily highlighter as well but I personally do not like it as a highlighter so this feature is not much useful to me. Regarding the lasting power of this concealer, I won't say I am very impressed as it does not last more than 3-4 hours. I would use this for daily wear but I would not use this concealer for a function or event as I can't trust it to stay for a whole day and with heavy makeup. However, with the price tag it comes, I think its an okay daily wear concealer and good enough for regular use.

Have you used this concealer? Do share your comments below!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

#Review - #Essence #BlushUp #Powder #Blush in 10 #HeatWave

My dear readers, I still remember the time when I was not so fluent with makeup skills and applying a blush used to seem like a nightmare to me...Even if I attempted wearing blush I ended up looking like a chinese doll with round blobs of pinkness on my cheeks and I had to redo all my makeup *ha-ha*.
Anyhow, thanks to Youtube and all the wonderful tutorials on this amazing site; I was a consistent practitioner and ultimately learnt how to apply blush and how it completely transforms your whole look *yay*. My most favorite two shades of all time are pink and coral in a blush and guess what I found in the #Essence #BlushUp #Powder #Blush 10 #HeatWave!!! A single compact blush with both the shades. Isn't this wonderful? Read on to find out my comments on the same...
#Essence #BlushUp #Powder #Blush in 10 #HeatWave
#Essence #BlushUp #Powder #Blush in 10 #HeatWave

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