Saturday, April 26, 2014

Guest Post - Things to Do When Blowing Through the Windy City

Hey my ladies … Kendra Thornton is a fellow blogger who enjoys sharing her travelling stories with the people all over the world. She is writing a guest post for our blog to share her travelling story with us and to suggest good places to the people who are planning soon to visit Chicago. You can follow her on twitter & on her blog.

Following is a bit of information about her:


I am a long time travel expert who has been packing my bags and traveling the world since I was 3 months old! I love Nice n Easy Beauty Tips and really enjoy the wonderful advice and knowledge you offer your sites visitors. I was wondering if you allow outside contributors, as I think my expertise on travel trends could be beneficial to your readers!

My passion for travel is only eclipsed by my passion for my three beautiful children. I’ve been lucky to combine the two, and am often featured as an expert in family, luxury and adventure travel for ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX News, and CW networks. Personally, I've been to 28 countries on 6 continents, and have been quoted in the news about seasonal travel trends and destinations all over the United States.

Now stepping out of the corporate spotlight to take on my role of being the number one mom and wife to a family of three, I've found my utmost desire in life is right here in my own home. It is apparent that vacations refresh us…but why does it only have to be a few days out of the year? It has been my goal to recreate the lavish hotel spa experience right in the comfort of your own home to feel beautiful and rejuvenated everyday.


Her wonderful & informative post follows as below:


Nearly everyone in the United States has some understanding of Chicago, whether they’ve been here or not. The diversity of my hometown and its rich history make it a great place to explore. As a traveler myself, I love that many of the best sights in the country are located here in my own backyard. If you plan on traveling to Chicago, which I strongly recommend, take these tips for what to do and see:

1. Have a Field Day at the Field Museum

The Sue Rex isn’t the only reason to visit the Field Museum in Chicago, but it certainly gives you a good excuse to go. My family doesn’t need an excuse. This is our favorite place to spend time together. Browse exhibits of tiny fossils, huge prehistoric animal remains and more. It’s conveniently located on Lake Shore Drive, near several other attractions.

2. Putter Around Navy Pier Park

It may seem like a tourist trap on the surface, but there’s a reason that you’ll find locals at Navy Pier. You can take a ride on the 150-foot Ferris wheel. The view of the city from there is incredible. You can enjoy plenty of other activities here as well. The shopping’s great as are the beautiful gardens here.

3. Book a Great Hotel

Anytime you take a trip, your accommodations will have a big impact on your experience. When visiting Chicago, you’ll want a centrally located hotel with easy access to the attractions you want to see. Some local hotels have great stories, including some involving colorful characters such as Al Capone from Chicago’s past.

4. Dine at a Chicago Diner

I love diner food. Chicago has some great diners from which to choose. My personal favorite is Lou Mitchell’s. The food is great and priced affordably. As an added bonus, they pass out Milk Duds to kids and the ladies that come here to eat. It turns out that a friend of Uncle Lou’s first created Milk Duds in Chicago.

Our great country has some pretty amazing places to visit. Although I’ve traveled to many of them, I think my hometown of Chicago is one of the best places to experience. The shopping, sights and food available here combine to make the Windy City memorable for travelers of all ages.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

What to do when things go Wrong!!!

There are three (3) steps we invite you to take whenever things aren't going the way you had planned...
  • 1. Take a deep breath and let out a sigh
(this will bring you into the present moment and help release emotions)
  • 2.  Ask the universe what lesson are you meant to learn from this situation?
(know in your heart that you are an evolving soul... A spirit having a human experience)
  • 3.  Listen.  Be grateful.  And ask, "How can this get even better?"

(An excerpt from

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review–Oriflame VeryMe Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow

Oriflame VeryMe Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow
My favorite Oriflame product. Works as a tinted moisturizer.



Very nice fragrance
Good Coverage - well enough for daily use
Has luminous particles which tend to sparkle in light & reflect light
Smooth Finish


Small Tube

Will I Rebuy?

Oh yes!! this was my third tube.

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