About Me!

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my blog. This is Maria and you all know me as "The Girl In Pink" - well the name suggests itself how much I love the color PINK and everything girly.

So, I am the eldest of my siblings and my parents have brought me up to be a strong and independent girl. My mom is the ultimate source of strength for me and she is the model of a perfect woman for me. I am married to the sweetest husband in the world and he is beyond doubt the pride of my life. The level of support he has given me in every step of life is my biggest strength.

I have been a star student throughout my academic career and have been nominated for Presidential Award for exemplary performance in my BS. By profession; I am a Project Manager in a corporate organization and love my 9 to 6 job. This blog and everything related to it is my love for all the girlish stuff like makeup, cosmetics and beauty tools. Like any typical girl I love shopping and trying out new products. My sister & friends used to ask me for suggestions regarding new products, tips & tricks on skin and hair issues and places where to shop and this is when they motivated me to share all my knowledge regarding the same with all the curious girls out there. I started this blog way back somewhere in 2008 I think but took it serious few years back and started updating it regularly. It is a way to make myself happy and jump into a fantasy world of my own where all the corporate meetings, status reports, project dashboards and team synergy KPIs don't matter. It is where stuff like compact powders, eyelash curlers, all the bizarre types of foundations & concealers take priority and where handbags, sandals & clothes pile up around me in all the wonderful colors. I believe if something I have known and learn through experience & research may help someone else looking for some information then I have served my purpose :)

When at home, I am a pure housewife and like every typical homemaker I am focused on which of the spots in house has been left unclean and how I can organize my closets more efficiently ;) Watching youtube videos & reading articles is one of my favorites pastimes and I am learning all the new tips & tricks to efficient home management, skin & makeup tips & tutorials and trying them out for myself. I am a fan of DIYs and my sister calls me DIY Diva for that reason :D

Apart from my corporate job; this blog, I am a visiting faculty member of a university where I teach managerial subjects. I am also an article writer and write for different magazines and websites on different social and technical concerns. I am also in the process of launching my own virtual store which will be available online very soon :) Keep checking my blog and facebook page for more details on that!!

I hope I didnt bore you girls with all these details. If you want to contact me here are my social network handles:

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