Saturday, August 8, 2015

Clean Makeup Brushes–Quick & Easy

Hi Girls, admit it … we all have been lazy to clean our makeup brushes according to the recommended routine … yes yes we all are busy in our routines and cleaning brushes becomes a hassle as you have to wait for your brushes to get dry and that means you wont be able to use them until then.

You either have to buy expensive makeup brush cleaners to do the job or you can make your own diy  brush cleaner which I will share in another post for the more elaborate cleaners  : ) but here I am going to share a quick and easy way to clean your makeup brushes and guess what, the brushes don’t take any longer to dry as well.

This simple trick uses only one item; a simple hand sanitizer. You just have to put a drop on the brush you want to clean, and start rubbing the brush on a clean paper towel or a cloth towel. Keep doing it until your  brush rubs clean. This usually doesn’t take any more than two drops. Since hand sanitizer has rubbing alcohol in it which evaporates quickly your brush is dry earlier. Also due to the antibacterial nature of almost all the hand sanitizers, your brushes are automatically cleaned from all the germs and dirt.

My video here shows this whole process. Do check it out and share if you like it. Watch in HD for the best results.

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