Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nail Art Simulator–Virtual Nail Salon

Hey girls, I am really fond of trying different kinds of nail arts on my nails. I wont say that I am very good at it anyhow I try various styles just to keep practicing and I hope someday ill be better at it hehe !!

I have some samples of the nail arts I have done in this album on my facebook page here.

20130526_131921 20130717_233243 20130731_002710


Recently I tried a few nail arts and I couldn’t get the shapes the way I expected them, and then I looked it up on internet and turned out I was doing the wrong steps to make certain shapes; that time I had to remove my nail polish all over and redo all the nail art to get the shapes right, that’s when I thought how nice it would be if I had a trial nail simulator to try out everything before trying it out on my actual nail and without wasting any of my nail polish as well. There, I got an idea… I had a few makeup applications in my android phone and I just realized if I had a nail art simulating application on my phone how nice it would be to see how exactly I should do the nail art before doing it actually on my nails. I searched the play store for nail art simulators and I found out a few applications. I installed some of them and tried them out. I would mention the best application I found and will discuss its features here with you guys so that its helpful for all you girls out there as well.

Its name is Modiface – Virtual Nail Salon and it can be downloaded from here.

  • It has plenty of nail colors to choose from and you can even choose one nail to see how the nail art will look on your nails.
  • You have a list of available hand samples or you can take picture of your own hand and use that one as a model.
  • It allows you to change nail color consistency and opacity to show how the nail color will look on your hands

Have any of you used any other nail art application which has been useful for you. Please share with all of us here.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

How I Organize My Sandals!

I am a huge lover of sandals and shoes, and its hard for me to stop myself from buying more and more sandals everytime I go to the market. Buying sandals is more of a fun experience for me but the issue becomes when I come home and the closet which I used to store my shoes is full and I don’t have any place to keep the new shoes :D hehe… yes that happened with me many times.

another issue which I come across normally when I put my sandals in a closet or a shoe rack is that very soon the area is filled up with shoes and you start putting the shoes above each other, normally this results in only the shoes which are visible to you to be used and the others stay buried under the rest.

Normally I don’t put my sandals in open because of a lot of dust in the environment and no one wants to see the sandals getting older even without using them.

However, I have found my solution to this problem; and I found it on a facebook page. It is an amazing shoe storage box which amazingly fixes all the above mentioned issues. it is a zipped shoe storage box with special compartments for the shoes, it is covered with transparent plastic so you can see the shoes through the cover. it saves your shoes from dust and the compartments are big enough that more than one flat sandals can be stored in a single compartment. it comes in two different sizes, one for 6 pairs and one for 12 pairs of shoes. I wanted to try this product out so I ordered the small one first to see how it works for me.


I loved this product so much that I ordered five more pieces in the large size. I took all my sandals out of the closet and arranged them in these boxes. some of my flats were accommodated in one compartment, thus saving the space. Ever since then I feel this is a blessing that I bought these for myself. The shoes are readily visible, and dust free. I am really happy that I bought it and I surely recommend it to others.

Here is the box in opened state:


IMG_20130720_125040 IMG_20130720_124818


here is how it looks when closed:



I have bought this from the facebook page “Shakir’s Collections” and here is the direct product link is here

Have any of you bought this product and has any comments about it, please share below.

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