Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Amazing Organizer–Purse Insert

Okay girls, I know how irritating it is to dig in for stuff you are looking for in your hand bag and things of all sort keep coming out instead of the ONE thing you are actually looking for … yes that’s funny but it always happens to  me and I am sure it would have happened to you girls as well. now if your hand bag has multiple compartments and mini pockets all your stuff can be organized BUT not all the hand bags have this kind of arrangement.
I recently came across a page on facebook called Shakir’s Collections and was amused by the unique and amazing product ideas they have. One thing that captured my attention was this purse insert. I always had a problem of organizing my hand bag and was using different pouches etc for organizing my stuff in the hand bag. One of my previous posts explains that here. Anyhow, this thing was worth trying as I am an organizing freak and I am always looking for ways to set maximum possible stuff in minimum possible space (LOL). this purse insert was not very expensive and I wanted to try this out.

These are the things which are actually inside this purse insert at the moment:
I ordered this purse insert from Shakir’s collections and it took a few days to reach me. NOW, to my surprise, this MINI purse insert just took care of ALL my belongings in the hand bag and my bag was surprisingly EMPTY. I suddenly realized that my hand bag was quite empty if the things are arranged properly.
As I mentioned in my previous post, I have separate pouches already for the makeup stuff and for my data cables etc. so now I have this purse insert, makeup pouch, accessory pouch and my wallet and I am all set. And with this super setting, changing a hand bag is a BREEZE cos it takes hardly 5 minutes. I used to delay changing hand bags only cos there was too much effort involved in looking for mini pockets and stuffing the bag and adjusting each item somewhere and now I just have to pick up a few main items and drop them in my other bag and I am DONE.
Here are a few different angles and pockets of this purse insert:
Side view and top view:
2012-12-11-264   2012-12-11-261
I have more room in my hang bag and I even don’t have to use any of the bag’s own mini pockets. and believe me my purse insert STILL has a lot of room for more stuff which makes me happier as I can stuff in more and more into this and still have room in my bag.
This is how it looks inside my bag:

Now when I put other stuff in my bag:
I am so in love with this product and thank Shakir’s Collections for this amazing product and this is why I wanted to write this post.
This is the original post on Shakir’s Collections page:

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