As of 31st March 2016; below are the stats of my blog on different platforms:

Total Blog Visits: 60,181
Facebook Fans: 14,573
Twitter Followers: 35
Instagram Followers: 23
Pinterest Followers: 2


Girls, if you want to contact me regarding queries on anything like makeup, beauty, health & lifestyle advice; I will be more than happy to share my knowledge and experience with you and guide you in the best possible way I can. I can be reached on the following platforms:
You can send me your questions on any products, makeup items, makeup tools or anything you think I can help on. OR you may want to contact me if you want to make a guest post on my blog. I will be waiting for your comments, suggestions & queries :)

Companies/PR Consultants:

If you belong to a company and are looking for PR consultancy via my blog; you are more than welcome. Send me an email on with your proposal and I will get back to you with details.
In case you want me to review any of your products, please note that while I am happy to be part of your campaign to advertise your product on my blog; the comments and reviews will be entirely my own and will not be biased in any way. Also I will be mentioning with the post that the review is requested or paid.

Advertise on my Blog:

If you want to advertise on my blog sidebar and between posts with your own advertisements, you may contact me directly on I am soon going to announce my exclusive advertising packages for the blog.

**Announcing advertising packages soon**

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