Friday, April 29, 2016

#Review - #EvelineCosmetics #Skin360 #Normalising #Mattifying #Tonic #3in1

Ladies, using a toner has never been my priority. Although I have been a regular cleansing routine follower since many years but all I did was to cleanse my skin and apply my night cream afterwards. Sometimes I did use rose water in place of a toner but using a specific toner was something I never actually gave much thought to.
When Keune Pakistan & Eveline Cosmetics sent me their goodie bag as a part of their marketing campaign for the launch of Elysian Beauty Salon in Islamabad; I found #EvelineCosmetics #Skin360 #Normalising #Mattifying #Tonic #3in1 as a part of the lovely stuff I received. Since I had to review it obviously I started using the product for an honest & fair review. Read on to find out what difference did it bring to my skin & skincare routine!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

#Promotional #Post - #Replica's #Gallery New #Hijab Collection

Girls, with the arrival of sizzling summers; lawn fever hypes up like crazy. Every single post on the social networks is on a new collection of lawn prints and designs. However, with the heavy inflow of these lawn brands in the market, the prices have hyped up like crazy and this is where the Replica business comes into place. Buying a replica is much more affordable for ladies who dont want to spend much on single pieces of dressing and keeping their wardrobe updated as well. A similar page is Replica's Gallery which is run by a lovely lady called "Sana Naveed". Sana contacted me to announce the launch of her stylish hijab collection on my blog and considering her passion for her work I agreed :)
Hijab Trends by Replica Gallery - Sana Naveed

Sunday, April 17, 2016

#Review - #EvelineCosmetics #FootTherapy Professional #8in1 #Cream #Deodorant #Antiperspirant

Girlies, we all  know that summers are approaching in full glaze and while summer does bring lovely lawn prints and cool drinks to battle the sharp sun rays; it brings lot of problems of its own as well. One such problem is perspiration, which not only dehydrates you, but also provides bacteria a great medium to develop and cause itchiness, infection and bad odor.
#EvelineCosmetics  has introduced a wonderful product for feet which helps to avoid the problems caused by perspiration.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

#Review - #Loreal #Paris #Revitalift #TotalRepair 10 #Night Cream

Girls, we always hear that we should be starting a night time routine for your skin as soon as you hit the age of 25. This keeps your skin healthy and prevents the initial signs of aging.
Loreal Paris Revitalift Total Repair 10 Night Cream

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