Sunday, April 17, 2016

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Girlies, we all  know that summers are approaching in full glaze and while summer does bring lovely lawn prints and cool drinks to battle the sharp sun rays; it brings lot of problems of its own as well. One such problem is perspiration, which not only dehydrates you, but also provides bacteria a great medium to develop and cause itchiness, infection and bad odor.
#EvelineCosmetics  has introduced a wonderful product for feet which helps to avoid the problems caused by perspiration.


The product comes in a tube of xx ml and the cream is white in color with medium consistency enough to form a layer on your skin when applied.

Product Details:

#EvelineCosmetics #FootTherapy Professional #8in1 #Cream #Deodorant #Antiperspirant claims that it has the below 8 features and I agree to each one of them as I have personally tested and tried the cream for about 2 weeks regularly:

  1. Normalizes Sweat Glands
  2. Neutralizes Odor
  3. Ensures 24h feeling of dryness
  4. Has Anti-bacterial action
  5. Protects against mycosis
  6. Intensely refreshes
  7. Softens and regenerates
  8. Deeply moisturizes

As per the instructions, the cream needs to be applied to clean and dry feet in circular motions. This is really important to be followed as if you already have some moisturizer or oil applied to your feet the cream deodorant does not work as well. Therefore please make sure you actually apply it on clean and dry feet. Ideally I would suggest wash your feet in the morning and then apply this cream so that it provides the maximum protection against sweating and bad odor as its effectiveness is reduced if the feet are not freshly washed and patted dry before applying the cream. It says that it starts its effect right after first application and I agree to that. It actually starts its effect when you apply it the first time if it is applied correctly. It eliminates the problem of sweating and bad odor and keeps your feet dry. It has a soothing and refreshing fragrance which becomes prominent the moment you start applying and rubbing it slowly in circular motions on your feet. Because of being mentholated, it gives you a cooling sensation & acts not just as a refreshing cream but as a cream deodorant. It amazingly keeps your feet dry and fresh even if you are wearing closed shoes. Because of this dryness there is no medium for bacteria and germs to populate and as a result your feet are protected from fungal and bacterial infections caused by excessive sweating. With the application this cream you don't have to apply a moisturizer separately as this cream also has moisturizing capabilities.

Overall I would really recommend this cream to everyone during summers, it is a blessing for me seriously as this season my feet were sweating excessively even with open sandals and ever since I started using this cream I noticed considerable difference. It maintains the freshness and dryness of your feet throughout the day and it a MUST-Have for summers.

I hope this review helped you in understanding this product is good for you or not. Do share your comments and feedback on my review in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: #Eveline Cosmetics sent me this product as a PR sample. However, this has not affected my review in any form. I have tried my best to be fair and clear in my product description and it's performance.

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