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#Review - #Loreal #Paris #Revitalift #TotalRepair 10 #Night Cream

Girls, we always hear that we should be starting a night time routine for your skin as soon as you hit the age of 25. This keeps your skin healthy and prevents the initial signs of aging.
Loreal Paris Revitalift Total Repair 10 Night Cream
I have been using different night creams from time to time and for different reasons, however I considered using the #Loreal #Paris #Revitalift #TotalRepair 10 #Night Cream on the recommendation of a Sales Girl at the Beauty aisle of #GreenValley Bahria Town Rawalpindi. My basic reason of using this one was to get rid of some spots on my face which according to me have started appearing as signs of aging. I started using it in January 2016 and tried to notice any changes to my skin after that. Let's read on to find out if it did what it claimed to do with my skin or not?

The Packaging:

Well the packaging is a beautiful red pump bottle of 50 ml and is actually really attractive.

The Pricing:

I got it for PKR 1950/- from GreenValley Bahria Town.

Product Description:

The cream is very light peach colored cream and claims that its a "Multi Regenerating Night Cream" with a blend of 10 anti ageing actions. It has a velvety finish on the skin and doesnt leave the skin very oily. It gets absorbed in the skin in about 20-30 minutes but you need to see for yourself what quantity of the cream works well for you. The pump bottle allows you to control the quantity to be used in one application. Regarding the results of the cream, I did not notice any improvement in my dark spots even after a religious application of about 6 weeks. I did however find my skin a bit lifted and firm within the first 2 weeks of its usage and I consider it was because of this cream. The texture of the skin also felt a bit improved. However, the dark spots were neither lightened nor reduced. It was a nice night cream but with the amount of money I spent on it personally I am not very impressed as I could achieve the results with any other less expensive night cream as well.

Overall honestly apart from the lift I felt in my face I did not notice this cream doing anything else on my face so I personally won't be buying this again once this bottle finishes up for me. Honestly speaking this is too expensive for me if the results are also not 100% accurate. Maybe this was not appropriate for my skin somehow.

Have you girls used this cream? Did it work for your skin? Do share in the comments below!

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