Sunday, April 24, 2016

#Promotional #Post - #Replica's #Gallery New #Hijab Collection

Girls, with the arrival of sizzling summers; lawn fever hypes up like crazy. Every single post on the social networks is on a new collection of lawn prints and designs. However, with the heavy inflow of these lawn brands in the market, the prices have hyped up like crazy and this is where the Replica business comes into place. Buying a replica is much more affordable for ladies who dont want to spend much on single pieces of dressing and keeping their wardrobe updated as well. A similar page is Replica's Gallery which is run by a lovely lady called "Sana Naveed". Sana contacted me to announce the launch of her stylish hijab collection on my blog and considering her passion for her work I agreed :)
Hijab Trends by Replica Gallery - Sana Naveed

Some of her designs are posted below in pictures and she also shared a video featuring her beautiful designs
Black and Grey Hijab with pearl details - Hijab Trends by Replica Gallery - Sana Naveed
Another one in net with pearl and embroidery embellishments is below:

White and black with pearl and embroidery - Hijab Trends by Replica Gallery - Sana Naveed
For all you colorful ladies out there, there are designs with hues of purple, maroon, aqua and violet:

Color my life - Hijab Trends by Replica Gallery - Sana Naveed
Following video features her lovely designs in a quick slideshow:

Do check out her lovely page for replica designs as well as her hijab collection and different designs. 

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