Friday, December 16, 2011

Review–Luscious Diamond Finish Nail Lacquer in No. 7–Peach Fuzz

I love nail colors of all kinds. Today I am going to review Luscious nail color in No. 7 – Peach Fuzz


The Packaging:

Its packaged in a beautiful clear bottle which shows the nail color and a stylish black top which has a big enough brush to cover your nail with nail polish in one to two good swipes. The bottle is bigger than many other nail polishes from other brands and personally I think it’s a bit stronger also (didn’t test it by throwing it on the floor but it just looks more exquisite Smile with tongue out ). The nail color looks very classy from inside the bottle and the quality is very flowy yet thick enough to stay put on the nails



The Pricing:

It can be bought from any big cosmetic store in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. I purchased it online from their website here for PKR 225 only. They ship nationwide and that too for free Open-mouthed smile. I think with the size of the bottle and its quality the value for money is good.

The Results:

Results are very good when you consider the beautiful sheen in your nails after applying the nail color. It has a pearly effect and gives your nails a light glossy effect. It is a peachy or coral shade and looks amazing on your fingers. However I don’t think if you are looking for a nude shade this is a right choice for you. It stays non chipped for sometime, in my pictures I have it on for 2 days (without any base coat or top coat). Overall I consider it a good shade and nice addition to my collection.



Have you guys used this shade or any other nail color from Luscious Cosmetics? Share your experiences if you have.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Review–Loreal Paris Glam Shine Gloss Brilliance Lip GLoss in 106–Forever Young

I am one of the people who are really not much into lip glosses, I personally prefer lipsticks and lip liners which are matte finished. But this offer from Al jannat Mall Commercial Market Rawalpindi persuaded me to purchase Loreal lip glosses and try them out. The offer said you can buy 3 lip glosses in the price of 1. It was my first experience with Loreal lip glosses, though I had heard a lot of praise for them but because of my low interest in lip glosses I never thought to try them out.

Not only did I buy Loreal lip glosses as a result of this wonderful offer, but I actually liked them so much that I have decided to write a review on one of them.

So, today I am going to review Loreal Paris Glam Shine Gloss Brilliance Lip Gloss in 106 – Forever Young; okay girls so lets get started …

The Packaging:

The lip gloss is packaged in a beautiful clear jar with a silver cap. The color of the lip gloss shows through the transparent jar and the brush of the lip gloss is big enough to color your lips in one swipe.




The Pricing:

Since I got this one as a result of a promotional offer, I got three lip glosses for 1200 PKR. The actual price of the lip gloss ranges from 1200 – 1500 PKR though.

The Results:

The results are pretty good, and I must say I am really impressed by this lip gloss range. They claim that the lip gloss stays on for 6 hours and believe me it actually does. Even at the end of the day I have some bits of traces of its glitter on my lips and its staying power is super. it is somewhat a transparent gloss and you can use it above any of your lipsticks too. it’s a soft pink shimmery color which brings vibrance to your face all of a sudden and freshens up your whole look. In the pictures I have shared below I have used it on my nude lips, please excuse the skin on my lip corners as I suffered from a lip allergy sometime back and my skin got irritated due to that.



In the following picture I am using it over a lipstick,


The Good Things:

  • Lasting power is super
  • Looks good both on nude lips and over a lipstick
  • the finish is ultra glossy

The Bad Things:

  • A bit pricey as compared to the rest of the lip glosses
  • sometimes tends to be sticky when u apply too much of it

Have you used this lip gloss, please share your comments of how did you find it.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Review–Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer In 76–CLEAR SEA

I am a huge fan of nail colors and keep on trying different colors from many brands. I have many colors from Golden Rose and I must say they have a huge color range, normally I get every color I m trying to find in Golden Rose.

So, lets get started

The Packaging:

The nail color is in a beautiful eiffel tower shaped bottle (implies to the name Golden Rose PARIS). the container is obviously clear to show the nail color inside. The nail color brush is also good enough to apply nail color in two to three good swipes (depending on the color you want)

101220112772 101220112777101220112774

The Pricing:

Golden Rose PARIS nail colors are priced within the range of 125-150 PKR. I consider it a good value for money.

The Results:

I love the color how it looks on the nails. It’s a bit transparent on the first coat but if you want to darken it you can increase the number of coats for it. In the picture I have shared I have applied 3 coats of the nail polish. It has a bit of light blue glitter crystals which shimmer in lights and make this nail color very exquisite. I have a few dresses in the grape green range and this nail color goes very well with all of them. Overall it’s a good purchase and I am satisfied from it. But since this color is somewhat unique; you might not like it if there is no matching dress or something to go with it.



The Good Things:

  • Glossy finish
  • Bit of blue crystal glitter brings extra sheen to your nails
  • Non chipped nails even after days of use (in the picture I have this nail color on for 3 days – without a top coat)

The Bad Things:

  • Color is very unique and you might not consider it one for your collection
  • You need to apply a few coats to get the color visible, the first coat is quite transparent and does not bring out the green shade of the nail polish


Review–“PURE” 3 in 1 Cleansing wipes

Today I am going to review “Pure 3 in 1 makeup cleansing wipes”. Cleansing wipes are a great thing in my opinion. Sometimes you are not really free to  grab a cotton swab and do your complete cleansing routine, this is where cleansing wipes come into use. Just take a cleansing wipe and do quick cleansing – remove your makeup and you are done. This is good for lazy days when you are not in the mood of following the whole cleansing process or when you don’t have enough time.

However, you still need to choose the right type of cleansing wipes for yourself, I have tried Loreal, Clearasil, and some other brands but seriously by far the best cleansing wipes I have used are “Pure”. These are less expensive than many other leading brands and personally I have experienced the best results with these instead of any other brand.



The Packaging:

Pure cleansing wipes come in different varieties; 3-in-1 cleansing wipes, exfoliating wipes, deep cleansing are some of them. I have used deep cleansing and 3 in 1 and found them to be wonderful for my skin. It is packaged in a plastic packet with a sticker opening to take out a wipe at the time of use. Its quite handy and easy to carry in bag. I personally carry this in my hand bag everyday.



The Pricing:

I would say these are the most inexpensive and result oriented wipes I have ever used. there are 25 cleansing wipes in a pack and it costs 125 PKR. I have used other expensive cleansing wipes but seriously havent been much satisfied with their results.


The Results:

The results are very good. It’s a very light cleansing solution which is used in these wipes yet it is very powerful. It cleanses waterproof mascara also very easily and doesn’t irritate the eyes as well. The wipe cloth is also very soft and really feels good on the skin. My skin feels very refreshed after using these wipes. Usually one wipe is enough to clean your daily makeup but on occasions when you have heavy makeup on you might need to use more than one of them. Overall it’s a very good purchase and I always prefer to buy Pure cleansing wipes instead of all the big brands out there.


The Good Things:

  • Very light and refreshing on the face
  • Quick makeup cleanser
  • Also removes water proof makeup easily and quickly
  • Very well priced

The Bad Things:

  • I don’t dislike anything about these wipes Smile

Have any of u used these wipes, please share what you think about them.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review–Shopping experience with Fireflies

Online shopping is always fun and easy; however while shopping online there is a risk always when you are trying out new distributors and sellers. I usually try the sellers out by ordering small items and test their service.

Just out of curiosity and after reviewing a huge range of products at affordable prices, I decided to order something from Fireflies.

Here was the product I ordered, a beautiful princess necklace (18 inches long in PINK) alongwith another product; a ring (which I might review later)



The ordering process was fun and easy, I just had to fill out a form on their page, provide the links of products to order and in a few hours I received reply from the owner of the page “Ayesha Abdullah”. The email listed details about the complete bill and modes of payment available. The modes of payment supported include bank transfer and Easy Paisa. I made the payment using Online bank transfer and I received my order the next day Smile. That’s it. No further delay or processing. The products I ordered were wrapped in clear plastic and were tied with small beautiful ribbons with Fireflies tag on them.


I purchased this necklace for a mere price of PKR 300. The delivery charges were PKR 150. Overall it was a wonderful experience purchasing from Fireflies and I will love to do this again.

Have you guys shopped with Fireflies? If so, how was your experience? Share with me Smile

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review–Dazz Matazz Nail Polish

I am a huge nail color fan and keep on trying many different nail colors from all the companies I find around.
Here I will be reviewing Daz Matazz nail polish in yellow. I have used many yellow colored nail polishes from Golden Rose, Sweet Touch but this is one I like the most amongst all the others. The reason is its texture and color which are thoroughly deep. The nail polish has a smooth and satiny texture when it has been applied to the nails.

The Packaging:

The nail polish comes in a small round bottle of 15 ml which is filled with the nail polish liquid. The nail color is liquidy but not so runny when you apply it. The brush is also good enough to apply the nail polish properly in one to two swipes.

The Pricing:

I bought this almost two weeks back so I don’t exactly remember the price but I am quite sure it was below 200 PKR from D. Watson. Considering its results and smooth satiny texture I consider it a very good value for money.

The Results:

I have always been looking for a yellow colored nail polish which is not shiny or glittery. I used a Golden Rose nail color in yellow some years back which was a bit lighter than this one and it used to serve my purpose. However, it had a problem that it used to take a very long time drying. I didn’t get the same color in Golden Rose again and since then I am looking for a perfect yellow nail color. Thanks to Dazz Matazz I have found it. It dries quite quickly. The color you will see in my pictures is after two coats of the nail color. The first coat was a bit transparent and to make it opaque I had to apply a second coat after the first one dried. Regarding questions whether I will buy this one again or not; I will definitely buy this color once again.

The Good Things:

  • Smooth texture
  • You will like it if you are looking for a matte finish yellow color
  • Quick drying time
  • Non chipped even after 3-4 days of application – Without any top coat applied

The Bad Things:

  • Would not be your choice if you want a pearly finish – it’s a matte finish product
Have you guys used this product, tell me what you think about it.

Review–Loreal true match minerals face powder

I have been listening to all this buzz about mineral makeup everywhere so I badly wanted to try one myself … I chose to try Loreal True Match Minerals face powder which says “foundation like coverage”. It is SPF15 and comes in different shades from which you can choose the one closest to your skin.

The packaging:

The packaging of the Loreal True Match Minerals face powder is one of the impressive bits about it. I personally bought it due to the beautiful packaging of the face powder. It comes in a jar which has a screwable cap with a brush which is headed by a transparent cap.

The Pricing:

I got this face powder for PKR 1200 from D. Watson. However I have seen this face powder being sold at upto a price of Rs. 2400 as well.

The Results:

Well, the results of this product are pretty good, they say that it is a foundation like coverage which is true to some extent but if you have some dark spots or pimple marks on your face you definitely need a proper foundation before this one. Sometimes I feel it makes my face too cakey which shows up in laughter lines etc. The key to using this face powder is to keep it to a minimum, the more powder you apply to your face, the more cakey your face will become. I am somewhat satisfied from this product but I personally do not consider it a good value for money. The brush provided with the packaging is just okay and I would prefer using another powder brush if I can. The thing I basically dislike the most in this face powder is that I find the application very messy … i.e. I have to turn the box to release some of the powder on the holed surface and then unscrew the box to dip the brush into the powder and then I can apply. I  know it might not be a big deal for many of you out there but personally this is one thing about this product that puts me off.

The Good things:

  • It adds a matte finish to your face
  • it somewhat complies to the statement “foundation like coverage”
  • It has a brush and powder in one so you don’t have to carry multiple things
  • It gives your face an even skin tone

The Bad things:

  • Messy way of application
  • Brush provided in the packaging is not too good for application
  • A bit much of the product makes your face too cakey
  • I personally don’t think it’s a good value for money

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