Saturday, December 10, 2011

Review–Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer In 76–CLEAR SEA

I am a huge fan of nail colors and keep on trying different colors from many brands. I have many colors from Golden Rose and I must say they have a huge color range, normally I get every color I m trying to find in Golden Rose.

So, lets get started

The Packaging:

The nail color is in a beautiful eiffel tower shaped bottle (implies to the name Golden Rose PARIS). the container is obviously clear to show the nail color inside. The nail color brush is also good enough to apply nail color in two to three good swipes (depending on the color you want)

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The Pricing:

Golden Rose PARIS nail colors are priced within the range of 125-150 PKR. I consider it a good value for money.

The Results:

I love the color how it looks on the nails. It’s a bit transparent on the first coat but if you want to darken it you can increase the number of coats for it. In the picture I have shared I have applied 3 coats of the nail polish. It has a bit of light blue glitter crystals which shimmer in lights and make this nail color very exquisite. I have a few dresses in the grape green range and this nail color goes very well with all of them. Overall it’s a good purchase and I am satisfied from it. But since this color is somewhat unique; you might not like it if there is no matching dress or something to go with it.



The Good Things:

  • Glossy finish
  • Bit of blue crystal glitter brings extra sheen to your nails
  • Non chipped nails even after days of use (in the picture I have this nail color on for 3 days – without a top coat)

The Bad Things:

  • Color is very unique and you might not consider it one for your collection
  • You need to apply a few coats to get the color visible, the first coat is quite transparent and does not bring out the green shade of the nail polish


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