Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review–Loreal true match minerals face powder

I have been listening to all this buzz about mineral makeup everywhere so I badly wanted to try one myself … I chose to try Loreal True Match Minerals face powder which says “foundation like coverage”. It is SPF15 and comes in different shades from which you can choose the one closest to your skin.

The packaging:

The packaging of the Loreal True Match Minerals face powder is one of the impressive bits about it. I personally bought it due to the beautiful packaging of the face powder. It comes in a jar which has a screwable cap with a brush which is headed by a transparent cap.

The Pricing:

I got this face powder for PKR 1200 from D. Watson. However I have seen this face powder being sold at upto a price of Rs. 2400 as well.

The Results:

Well, the results of this product are pretty good, they say that it is a foundation like coverage which is true to some extent but if you have some dark spots or pimple marks on your face you definitely need a proper foundation before this one. Sometimes I feel it makes my face too cakey which shows up in laughter lines etc. The key to using this face powder is to keep it to a minimum, the more powder you apply to your face, the more cakey your face will become. I am somewhat satisfied from this product but I personally do not consider it a good value for money. The brush provided with the packaging is just okay and I would prefer using another powder brush if I can. The thing I basically dislike the most in this face powder is that I find the application very messy … i.e. I have to turn the box to release some of the powder on the holed surface and then unscrew the box to dip the brush into the powder and then I can apply. I  know it might not be a big deal for many of you out there but personally this is one thing about this product that puts me off.

The Good things:

  • It adds a matte finish to your face
  • it somewhat complies to the statement “foundation like coverage”
  • It has a brush and powder in one so you don’t have to carry multiple things
  • It gives your face an even skin tone

The Bad things:

  • Messy way of application
  • Brush provided in the packaging is not too good for application
  • A bit much of the product makes your face too cakey
  • I personally don’t think it’s a good value for money

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