Friday, December 16, 2011

Review–Luscious Diamond Finish Nail Lacquer in No. 7–Peach Fuzz

I love nail colors of all kinds. Today I am going to review Luscious nail color in No. 7 – Peach Fuzz


The Packaging:

Its packaged in a beautiful clear bottle which shows the nail color and a stylish black top which has a big enough brush to cover your nail with nail polish in one to two good swipes. The bottle is bigger than many other nail polishes from other brands and personally I think it’s a bit stronger also (didn’t test it by throwing it on the floor but it just looks more exquisite Smile with tongue out ). The nail color looks very classy from inside the bottle and the quality is very flowy yet thick enough to stay put on the nails



The Pricing:

It can be bought from any big cosmetic store in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. I purchased it online from their website here for PKR 225 only. They ship nationwide and that too for free Open-mouthed smile. I think with the size of the bottle and its quality the value for money is good.

The Results:

Results are very good when you consider the beautiful sheen in your nails after applying the nail color. It has a pearly effect and gives your nails a light glossy effect. It is a peachy or coral shade and looks amazing on your fingers. However I don’t think if you are looking for a nude shade this is a right choice for you. It stays non chipped for sometime, in my pictures I have it on for 2 days (without any base coat or top coat). Overall I consider it a good shade and nice addition to my collection.



Have you guys used this shade or any other nail color from Luscious Cosmetics? Share your experiences if you have.

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