Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review–Garnier Naturals Pure Pimple Control Pen

Okay, so who doesn’t hate pimples, of course we all do … and what if it pops up right before a wonderful event or party you had been preparing for since days and days in advance… obviously it’s the worst at such a time … so what should we do when such a situation comes up. we try to apply all kind of quick fixes to get rid of the pimple … which sometimes work and sometimes they worsen the condition  …

However, I found a product that really works … at least for me … lets discuss in detail the product and its results. Its Garnier Naturals Pure Pimple control pen.


The Packaging:

It is packaged in a cute small tube, which has a nozzle appropriate for application directly from the tube. the product itself is in a gel based formula which is transparent. it has a good fragrance which is a plus point and does not make u feel like you  have applied some medicine etc on your face.


The Pricing:

I got it for 295 PKR from Shaheen Chemist F-6 SUper market Islamabad.


The Results:

I would say I was impressed with the results. I just bought this thing out of curiosity to see how it works Smile with tongue out … for a long time when I bought this I didn’t get any pimple to see the results of this product but when I did I was so excited to finally check out my new product Smile with tongue out lol I know its funny Winking smile … anyhow … I applied this product on my pimple every 3 hours … and that pimple zapped out the next day … it was almost completely dry the next day and by the evening it was gone … there was no black or dirty mark left after that even Smile which is definitely a plus point. Another time when I got two pimples on my face they took almost two days with application of this product after every 5-6 hours during the day. All in all I think this product is a must have for you as it dries out the pimple very nicely and treats your skin well. It also prevents you from touching your pimple again and again.

Have you guys tried this product? if yes, what are your experiences; do share with me here.

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