Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review - Hand Warmers by "Designs by Daisy"

We all know that winter is here and we are all stuffing up our closets with warm clothes, sweaters, mufflers and loads and loads of jackets and coats. For me, winter affects my hands and feet the most so i am looking forward for ways to keep my hands and feet warm. I have gloves but somehow gloves make writing, typing and other activities a bit tedious for me so i was looking forward for something that would help me keep my hands warm while letting my fingers breathe openly. I never knew something like this existed until I visited a small home based business called "Designs by Daisy".
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I was amazed with the variety and quality of their products. As a trial I got myself two beautiful pairs of hand warmers from "Designs by Daisy".

The pairs I chose were beautiful dark maroon & a green with touch  of sky blue; both of these are beautifully woven. Each pair is very warm also and thankfully leaves my fingers open which help me do my typing easily n quickly.
IMG_20130116_190132  2013-01-17-413
They are made from wool and you can get them in many colors and designs. This is my first order with them and I am surely ordering more in different colors and designs. They do take about 1-2 weeks in delivery once your order is placed but let me tell you the wait is totally worth the results. I am pretty sure it is going to be lovely having matching hand warmers with my dresses ;) :P They serve the purpose of keeping my hands very warm and it's definitely a must have for all you stylish girls out there.
2013-01-16-398  2013-01-16-384
The beautiful, intricate and soft hand warmers are amazingly good value for money. They cost only PKR 500/- a pair.
2013-01-17-411   2013-01-16-400 2013-01-17-4022013-01-17-406
Designs By Daisy have an offline existence as of now and are soon launching their facebook page. The products they are offering include a wide range like hand warmers, mufflers, stoles, woolen caps etc.
Share your thoughts about the amazing and innovative product...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Review–ANEX Hair Dryer TS-7011

Hello All, its winter so I m sure none of you likes to go out with wet hair as the chilly wind directly hits your head and u can feel sick because of that. I personally don’t use hair dryer very regularly during summers and its kind of used only on functions n events etc. however, in winters I am quite a regular user of a hair dryer because I reallllyy cant walk around with wet hair these days.

I originally had a hair dryer from Remington which my aunt gifted me from UK and it was working quite well with me; however I accidentally dropped that and it got broken so I had to buy a new hair dryer. now since I had an option to buy a new one myself I had options in brands, colors, heat degrees, fan settings etc. and my sister bought me this hair dryer which I chose for myself.



The first thing obviously that attracted me was its color, its very melo and very girly. I had compared it with other hair dryers in the shop which were Remington, Braun, Panasonic turbo dry and others. however following are the reasons I chose this one:

  • Its color was attractive
  • Braun & remington were heavily professional looking and I personally thought they were not meant for single person use. they were expensive as well obviously & normally many models of these companies came with extra attachments which I didn’t need.
  • It has better throw of air than the panasonic turbo dry
  • It has two air speed settings, 1 & 2.
  • It also has a fan button which changes the hot air to cool air. So technically I have 4 air settings, 2 with hot setting and 2 with cool
  • It is foldable. As I tend to travel a lot, so I want something easily portable and this serves my purpose.
  • Another thing which is good about this hair dryer is that it automatically turns itself off in case its used for a long time and then saves the hair dryer from fusing. I didn’t know this thing when I bought it but I like this feature because many hair dryers get fused while being used and this one has precaution built into it.

Following are some of its pictures with folded and non folded handle:

- Half fold opened


- Complete Fold Opened


The air settings area is shown below. the fan button when pressed gives cool air instead of hot.


The model details are here:


My sister purchased it for me for PKR 2100/- from an electronics shop in Murree Road Rawalpindi. As of now I am very happy with this product and I use it almost daily. I totally recommend it to people and I think it’s a good value for money.


Which hair dryers do you use? Share your thoughts please…

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review - Pretty Perfect Twist and Out Instant Nail Polish Remover

Removing a nail color is kind of a fuss for all of us. With people like me who are very fond of nail colors its almost a daily routine, everyone wishes it could be simpler or easier than they traditional way. So here it is, a nail polish remover with all the zip zap effect of a quick nail polish remover MINUS all the fussy activities you have to do. Its Pretty Perfect Twist and Out Instant Nail Polish Remover.

I have always been fond of Etude Nail Polish remover and it has been working quite well for my nails for years now. However, recently i couldnt find it anywhere in the market and had to switch to something else. I personally couldnt trust any other brand so i opted for OPI considering its huge market share and popularity. The nail polish remover was fine enough to remove nail color but it left my nails and cuticles quite dry so I was still not happy with it. I went to the market and asked for a nail polish remover which is good enough but doesnt dry out your skin. And the sales girl handed this over to me. I had ordered Pretty Quik Instant Nail Polish Remover in the past from UK and it cost me above 1000 PKR when i included shipping. Plus, they didnt deliver to Pak so I had to have it delivered to a friend's place in UK and she sent me when someone was coming to Pak; so it was quite a hassle for me LOL. So I was not quite sure how much this specific nail polish remover by Pretty Perfect will cost me. But to my surprise, the price was ONLY 175 PKR.

Following are some pictures showing the process of removing the nail color using this remover:

Here are my nails with nail color:

Here is how it looks from inside (its blue because previously I removed a blue color nail polish in it :P )


Here is how it is after one quick clockwise and anti clock wise twist


And finally this is how it looks after doing all the nails (Please note that I did the nail polish removal and the pictures in TOTAL darkness due to load shedding so I could not see the nail color near the cuticles until I took the pictures and saw them on my phone :P)


After clearing out the cuticles to a bit; here is the final look:


I bought it from D. Watson Blue Area Islamabad and tried it. It was as good as a traditional nail polish remover and I am quite Happy with its purchase. Plus the price is less than both etude and OPI :P

The Good Things:

  • Price - Not too much costly
  • Quick - its very quick
  • Easy
  • Doesnt dry out your skin or nails
  • Portable

The Bad Things:

  • After many uses the nail color may start accumulating in your nails and you might have to be very careful while using this product. However it happens ONLY after many uses and also if you have very dark nail polishes on.
Overall, I am very happy with this product and I am thinking of buying it again.
Have any of you used this one before? If yes, how was your experience? Please share :)

Shopping Experience at Glimx

Well who doesnt love shopping ... i think thats a must for every girl. All of us are continuously looking for ways to have the most unique pieces of all kinds added to our collection and be proud of our choices. I recently came across a page which offers beautiful and exquisite pieces of jewellery, amazing and stylish dresses and unique accessories to add to every girl's wardrobe. Be it a hand bag or a jewellery item, or an upper or a cardigan for that matter; Glimx is really adding up to our special collections and is gradually becoming the part of my facebook routine.

I recently came across an upper which was exactly the kind I was looking for everywhere; i didnt waste any time in ordering it and making the payment for the order via my standard chartered bank account. Glimx promised me a total of 20-25 working days for the processing of the order and I placed the order and started waiting for the upper anxiously. A few days later I was conscious since I hadnt heard from Glimx and I posted on her wall to know the whereabouts of my order. Glimx owner was very cooperative and understanding and assured me that my order was on its way and as soon as she gets it she will send it to me. I agreed to wait for a few more days and one fine day I received an inbox from her saying that my order had arrived (even before 20 days). She reconfirmed my postal address and I received my order at my home in two days.
The upper was exactly the way i wanted and was packaged nicely. The quality of the product was very good indeed and I am really happy that I have found out yet another page which delivers what it promises. I will be happy to shop once again with Glimx and recommend it to all my friends out there.

Have you guys ever shopped with Glimx? If yes, what is your experience. Please share with all of us!
Link to the Glimx facebook page is: http://www.facebook.com/GlimxDYB/

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