Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shopping Experience at Glimx

Well who doesnt love shopping ... i think thats a must for every girl. All of us are continuously looking for ways to have the most unique pieces of all kinds added to our collection and be proud of our choices. I recently came across a page which offers beautiful and exquisite pieces of jewellery, amazing and stylish dresses and unique accessories to add to every girl's wardrobe. Be it a hand bag or a jewellery item, or an upper or a cardigan for that matter; Glimx is really adding up to our special collections and is gradually becoming the part of my facebook routine.

I recently came across an upper which was exactly the kind I was looking for everywhere; i didnt waste any time in ordering it and making the payment for the order via my standard chartered bank account. Glimx promised me a total of 20-25 working days for the processing of the order and I placed the order and started waiting for the upper anxiously. A few days later I was conscious since I hadnt heard from Glimx and I posted on her wall to know the whereabouts of my order. Glimx owner was very cooperative and understanding and assured me that my order was on its way and as soon as she gets it she will send it to me. I agreed to wait for a few more days and one fine day I received an inbox from her saying that my order had arrived (even before 20 days). She reconfirmed my postal address and I received my order at my home in two days.
The upper was exactly the way i wanted and was packaged nicely. The quality of the product was very good indeed and I am really happy that I have found out yet another page which delivers what it promises. I will be happy to shop once again with Glimx and recommend it to all my friends out there.

Have you guys ever shopped with Glimx? If yes, what is your experience. Please share with all of us!
Link to the Glimx facebook page is: http://www.facebook.com/GlimxDYB/

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