Monday, January 14, 2013

Review–ANEX Hair Dryer TS-7011

Hello All, its winter so I m sure none of you likes to go out with wet hair as the chilly wind directly hits your head and u can feel sick because of that. I personally don’t use hair dryer very regularly during summers and its kind of used only on functions n events etc. however, in winters I am quite a regular user of a hair dryer because I reallllyy cant walk around with wet hair these days.

I originally had a hair dryer from Remington which my aunt gifted me from UK and it was working quite well with me; however I accidentally dropped that and it got broken so I had to buy a new hair dryer. now since I had an option to buy a new one myself I had options in brands, colors, heat degrees, fan settings etc. and my sister bought me this hair dryer which I chose for myself.



The first thing obviously that attracted me was its color, its very melo and very girly. I had compared it with other hair dryers in the shop which were Remington, Braun, Panasonic turbo dry and others. however following are the reasons I chose this one:

  • Its color was attractive
  • Braun & remington were heavily professional looking and I personally thought they were not meant for single person use. they were expensive as well obviously & normally many models of these companies came with extra attachments which I didn’t need.
  • It has better throw of air than the panasonic turbo dry
  • It has two air speed settings, 1 & 2.
  • It also has a fan button which changes the hot air to cool air. So technically I have 4 air settings, 2 with hot setting and 2 with cool
  • It is foldable. As I tend to travel a lot, so I want something easily portable and this serves my purpose.
  • Another thing which is good about this hair dryer is that it automatically turns itself off in case its used for a long time and then saves the hair dryer from fusing. I didn’t know this thing when I bought it but I like this feature because many hair dryers get fused while being used and this one has precaution built into it.

Following are some of its pictures with folded and non folded handle:

- Half fold opened


- Complete Fold Opened


The air settings area is shown below. the fan button when pressed gives cool air instead of hot.


The model details are here:


My sister purchased it for me for PKR 2100/- from an electronics shop in Murree Road Rawalpindi. As of now I am very happy with this product and I use it almost daily. I totally recommend it to people and I think it’s a good value for money.


Which hair dryers do you use? Share your thoughts please…

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