Monday, April 8, 2013

DIY - Makeup Stuff holder

I love DIY projects and reusing stuff which normally people throw away.
Recently I came across an idea and simply loved it. I practically implemented it and want it to share with all of you. The best thing is that it makes use of the item that we throw away ... Yes ... Tissue Paper Rolls. People hardly save these and throw these away as soon as a new tissue roll is required. But hello, you can use these rolls for a number of DIY projects; so you better start saving them up. Let me tell you what you might need for this project:

  1. Tissue Paper Rolls. As many as you want
  2. A cardboard tray - I used a shoe box cover (recycling here too)
  3. Wrapping Paper - Any print that you like
  4. Glue/tape
  5. Scissors
  • The first step is to cut the wrapping sheet in equal sizes to cover the tissue paper rolls completely and then glue the wrapping sheet to the individual rolls. You can use different prints for the wrapping sheets but I used the same sheet on all of the rolls
  • After that you can wrap the tray/shoe box cover with the printed sheet as well. I did not cover mine as it was already a very good print so I didnt feel like covering it.
  • After this I glued the tissue rolls on the shoe box cover and placed them in a regular pattern.
  • Let it dry overnight and TA-DA !!! you have your very own makeup stuff tray with holders the next morning.

I am in love with this creation and I have many more ideas to use these cardboard rolls in. Will be sharing with you !!

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