Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review–Dazz Matazz Nail Polish

I am a huge nail color fan and keep on trying many different nail colors from all the companies I find around.
Here I will be reviewing Daz Matazz nail polish in yellow. I have used many yellow colored nail polishes from Golden Rose, Sweet Touch but this is one I like the most amongst all the others. The reason is its texture and color which are thoroughly deep. The nail polish has a smooth and satiny texture when it has been applied to the nails.

The Packaging:

The nail polish comes in a small round bottle of 15 ml which is filled with the nail polish liquid. The nail color is liquidy but not so runny when you apply it. The brush is also good enough to apply the nail polish properly in one to two swipes.

The Pricing:

I bought this almost two weeks back so I don’t exactly remember the price but I am quite sure it was below 200 PKR from D. Watson. Considering its results and smooth satiny texture I consider it a very good value for money.

The Results:

I have always been looking for a yellow colored nail polish which is not shiny or glittery. I used a Golden Rose nail color in yellow some years back which was a bit lighter than this one and it used to serve my purpose. However, it had a problem that it used to take a very long time drying. I didn’t get the same color in Golden Rose again and since then I am looking for a perfect yellow nail color. Thanks to Dazz Matazz I have found it. It dries quite quickly. The color you will see in my pictures is after two coats of the nail color. The first coat was a bit transparent and to make it opaque I had to apply a second coat after the first one dried. Regarding questions whether I will buy this one again or not; I will definitely buy this color once again.

The Good Things:

  • Smooth texture
  • You will like it if you are looking for a matte finish yellow color
  • Quick drying time
  • Non chipped even after 3-4 days of application – Without any top coat applied

The Bad Things:

  • Would not be your choice if you want a pearly finish – it’s a matte finish product
Have you guys used this product, tell me what you think about it.

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