Friday, April 29, 2016

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Ladies, using a toner has never been my priority. Although I have been a regular cleansing routine follower since many years but all I did was to cleanse my skin and apply my night cream afterwards. Sometimes I did use rose water in place of a toner but using a specific toner was something I never actually gave much thought to.
When Keune Pakistan & Eveline Cosmetics sent me their goodie bag as a part of their marketing campaign for the launch of Elysian Beauty Salon in Islamabad; I found #EvelineCosmetics #Skin360 #Normalising #Mattifying #Tonic #3in1 as a part of the lovely stuff I received. Since I had to review it obviously I started using the product for an honest & fair review. Read on to find out what difference did it bring to my skin & skincare routine!

The Packaging:

It comes in a transparent bottle with light green liquid showing up through the container where you can see how much of the product is left. It has 0% parabens so you can feel completely safe from all the harmful chemicals when you use it.

Product Details:

As a toner is used after cleansing to maintain the pH of your skin as well as clear your pores; I followed the same. After my daily cleansing (which is quite thorough) I soaked a cotton round in this toner and applied on my skin in light circular movements. I was surprised to see the cotton round getting dirty as the toner picked up more dirt and sebum from my pores. So basically I was cleansing every night and still my pores were not thoroughly clean since the past few years!!! Well, then I turned the cotton round back and applied in circular motion from that side as well until the cotton round came off clean (which it did fairly quickly on the other side). Another very visible difference was that it instantly closed my pores. Although my face is never on the open pores side but it minimizes the pores so quickly and visibly that it makes a prominent difference on the face. After using it my skin immediately felt refreshed, clean and tighter. I must say I actually loved this product. I apply my night cream after using this toner at night.
I was so impressed with it that I used it again in the morning after washing my face and before applying my makeup. Again I noticed immediate pore minimization and refreshed skin after using it. Then I applied my regular moisturizer and continued with my makeup routine. By the end of the day I noticed that it helped my makeup to stay on the face as it closed the pores and prevented oil and sebum secretion. Even without using any primer and any  long staying product on my face; my makeup stayed longer than it does usually in absence of this toner.
I rate this toner 5/5 due to its qualities mentioned above. This item in particular was a PR sample but I will surely buy this item once this bottle finishes.

Although I received this item as part of a promotional campaign, but you can buy this product from for 395 PKR from here.

Have you used this or any other toner? Do share your comments & recommendations below!

Disclaimer: #Eveline Cosmetics sent me this product as a PR sample. However, this has not affected my review in any form. I have tried my best to be fair and clear in my product description and it's performance.

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