Sunday, August 26, 2012

Review–Soft Touch Skin Clarifying Mineral Mask

Masks are really good for your skin if applied correctly and with regular intervals; many of my favorite masks are basically homemade but some of the market based masks are also very good. I personally prefer masks with natural ingredients so the skin gets some natural food and I guess natural/herbal masks add life and glow to your skin.

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I purchased this Soft Touch Skin Clarifying Mineral Mask (75g) for PKR 125 from Pehchan Mall Sialkot Cantt. It claims the following:


Inside its white creamy paste which smells refreshing. This is a thick paste which you can apply using any mask brush. When you apply it to your face you feel a cool menthol kind of feeling and skin feels refreshed on the application.


As per the directions you have to wait for the mask to dry in 10 minutes and wipe off with a wet sponge. Well I washed my face after waiting for about 15 minutes.


The results were very good and impressive I must say. My skin actually felt very refreshed with the very cool feeling on the skin and the pores were actually clarified. Skin felt clearer and cleaned when I wiped the mask off before washing the face with plain water. I am surely going to buy this product once again after it finishes and definitely recommend it to everyone out there.

However, please notice that different skin products may work differently on different skin types, so one product that might work very well on me might not be as good on your skin. Nevertheless, I personally find this product to do what it says and I consider it a good value for money. If you ask me I ll buy it again, YES I will !!


There is no frequency of usage mentioned on the jar but I think this mask can be used about once/twice a week.

Have you guys ever used this mask? If yes, how was your experience? Do share with us… Smile

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