Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review–Makeup Academy Extreme Metallics Eyeshadow Quad in GO GETTER

Eyeshade trios and quads are easy to carry and you get multiple looks using one trio and quad. I have been using complete eyeshadow kits till now and MUA Extreme Metallics Go Getter was my first quad.


I had never used MUA products before so I was not sure if I will like it or not. However, I think MUA is a good choice if you want to save money and get good makeup in your stash. Its not so expensive and you can get it at PKR 500/- only from Just4girls.pk 

The shades are neutral earthy tones and I personally chose this one because I think this can be used with any dress and can be a part of casual and semi formal makeup. Even formal makeup can be done using this quad very easily. Its just how you play with all the colors.


The eye shadow quad claims the following:


Following is a swatch of the metallic shades on my hand (I have traces of Mehndi on my hands that’s why I have shared two pics so that you can see the colors better in any of them):


What I think:

What I think about this product; I think it’s a good value for money, it gives you many choices of eye makeup using just this set of four shades. another good thing is that all these shades can be used with a  ny colors of your dress and in case you are in a hurry or you have only this quad with you you can create lovely eyes giving yourself casual, semi formal & formal looks. You can use it either way you like but here is a guideline from what I think:

  • First two shades (1 & 2) can be used as highlighters and highlighting the inner corners of the eyes
  • Second two shades (2 & 3) can be used on lid
  • Shade 3 can be used on crease as well
  • Shade 4 is also for crease and outer corner

The above are just my preferred ways of using the quad however you guys can use these differently and share all the different ways you can use this quad.

I hope I have done a good review for you guys Smile … Have you used this quad? Share your experiences if you have below Smile

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