Wednesday, October 7, 2015

10 Uses of Coconut Oil for Skin & Body

Girls, remember any skincare product commercial claiming to have coconut oil, xyz fruit extracts and so many vitamins in it and you are rushing to buy that one because of your organic product mantra now a days. But wait, why don't we use the actual sources instead of the chemically processed products on our face & body? Today I'm going to tell you so many benefits of coconut oil which you can use on your skin and body and get amazing results. Say bye-bye to chemically processed products and use the natural ingredients ladies!!!

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Marhaba Cocona Coconut Oil which I am using these days.
  1. First one is very simple, use in place of a lotion/moisturizer. Apply on your arms, legs regularly and get rid of dry skin. I have personally tried it.
  2. Say goodbye to the face cleanser you use, and use our DIY Face Cleanser with natural products. You can read the tutorial here. OR you can use coconut oil directly on face to remove the makeup.
  3. Use on your hair, very obvious. It gives your hair shine and relieves dryness/itchy scalp. Use it directly or as a hair mask which is described here.
  4. No need to spend extra on shaving cream/gel. Use coconut oil and lubricate as well as moisturize your skin while shaving.
  5. Add a drop to your bronzer/contouring stick to get that EXTRA sheen and gleam. Get ready to look like an Egyptian princess girls!!!
  6. Apply a drop on your cuticles every night before sleeping. Okayyy I get it, we are all so lazy to do that, do at least twice a week and see the difference. See the details in one of my old posts here.
  7. Use as a massage oil for babies or for yourself. You will see the benefits in days.
  8. Get manageable hair by using a few drops of coconut oil on wet hair ends to get rid of frizz. Plus it leaves hair so soft you will love it
  9. Use as a makeup primer. Your products will glide on your skin leaving it soft and dewy like babies. However, be sure not to overdo the oil on face. You have to be careful with how much your skin needs under makeup.
  10. Use as a deodorant instead of store bought deodorant sticks. It's all natural and YES to that amazing fragrance <3
Now, coming to which brand should you be buying. Well the coconut oil is a natural product and brand basically should not matter for this. I have tried high end products as well as cheaply priced coconut oils as well; and honestly didnt find much of a difference in the quality. Recently I have been using this Marhaba Cocona coconut oil which is quite as good as high priced ones and this is priced for Only 80 Rs. per 100 ml. Do have a try.

These were few uses of Coconut oil which I personally have tried. Do share if you have any other great benefit of this wonderful product of nature.

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