Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Guide to Perfect Pin Straight Hair!!!

Girls, which ones of you would love to have perfect pin straight here but without going through the detailed & expensive process of rebonding and extenso? At least I am in love with straight hair but never got the perfect pin straight hair until recently. Turns out that you need to be careful about some small and basic points/products which can result in beautifully straight hair. Let’s have a look what these basic things are:
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Before & after applying the tips to straighten my hair
  1. After washing your hair, apply 1-2 drops of hair serum on wet hair and work through the mid length of hair to the ends. Let the hair air dry or use a blow dryer. If you have some time for the actual straightening you can actually let hair air dry because obviously its better to avoid as much heat as possible. However, in case you have to straight your hair immediately after washing, you should use a blow dryer to dry hair before straightening. 
  2. DO NOT use hair straightener on wet hair EVER (even if it says wet to dry) it just fries your hair. Plus the straight look is also not that smooth when hair are wet. Any serum would do, some good ones I have used are Livon, Hollywood Style, Palmers, Lolane, Garnier, Pantene. You can choose anyone which suits your hair. I personally prefer the ones with anti-frizz properties.
  3. Use a heat protectant/thermal protectant before blow drying or straightening (especially before straightening). I use Schwarzkopf heat protectant spray. It claims that it protects your hair from as high as 450 degree Celsius which is quite good.
  4. Get a hair straightener/flat iron with ceramic plates and a temperature control feature. I use Nova Hair Straightener. Yes I know its not very famous brand but it works for me and has the temperature settings from about 140 degree celsius to 280-300 degree celsius and it works well for me. However there are other straigteners which go upto 450 degree. Definitely more heat means quicker and flatter hair but obviously more damage to the hair as well. You can try straightener at different temperature settings to see what degree works for you the best. I use mine at the highest point for the best results.
  5. This point is very important; as without trying out this one I was never satisfied with the results of my straightening and I was even thinking to change my straightener. However, the first time I tried this I noticed visible difference in the hair texture and look which made me rethink the quality of my hair straightener. Since I have layered hair (razor cutting) I always wanted my layers to be identified when I straighten them but sadly I couldn’t ever achieve that look in the past. Okayyy girls, enough of the exaggeration lets come to the point. Well, its quite basic but most of the girls (including me) are too lazy to section your hair but believe me girls the difference sectioning makes to your hair is just WORTH the time and effort. Section your hair in at least three different sections. One for each side of your layers and one for the back. You can section according to your preference but at least three sections should be done. Open the sections in layers of at most 1 inch of hair and straight each layer one by one. I know it seems like too much time consuming but it is not that time consuming actually. Also after a few times you become more practiced and take lesser time in getting this all done.
  6. Once done with straightening all the layers of hair from all the sections, let your hair cool for about 3-4 minutes and apply any hair spray to set the hairstyle. I use Garnier Hair spray and Loreal Elnett Satin Hair Spray and like both of them equally.
Well girls, no pain no gain; to get THE ultimate straight hair, above mentioned are my personally tested and tried tips. I have learnt these tips after a series of failed attempts to get the look I want and consolidated them so that if you want that look you know what basics to be followed religiously. The time period which I take in getting my hair straightened was 40 minutes when I started off with this routine; but after a few times I have been able to reduce this time to 20 minutes and get the same look. I wont say that I have also achieved 100% perfection that I was looking for but at least I know that I am on the right direction to get to that for sure. I hope you also might find these tricks useful. Do let me know what you guys think and also share any tips that you might have.

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