Sunday, November 1, 2015

#Review - #Revlon #ColorStay #Foundation in 110 #Ivory

Girls, what would you think if i tell you that there is one foundation which is the ULTIMATE dream of every girl out there? That it does what it claims? and that once you apply this on your face, you will actually see your skin getting better? Oh no no no, wake up from that dream; cos u must be thinking there is nothing in the world like that ... But to your surpise; yes there is... and this is exactly what I am going to review for you girls today.

I am talking about the Revlon Colorstay foundation today; which is the BEST ever foundation that I have tried till now (and believe me its very hard to satisfy me :P). Let's read through and see why exactly am I so in love with this product:
revlon colorstay foundation 110 ivory swatch
Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 110 Ivory


I bought this from Green Valley Bahria Town Rawalpindi for 1599 Rs.


Well, this is one thing that probably irriates me the most about this product. The product comes in a jar with a black screwable cap; that is, without a "pump". Yes girls, you read it right. It is without a pump :( this is the most irritating thing about this product and makes me really sad. This product would have been the super best product if there was a little pump with it :P And to add to the irritation; the formula is thick. That makes it even harder to pull the foundation out of the bottle and apply on your brush, sponge or face directly. Anyhow; I just put it upside down so that the foundation is always available at the top for usage.


This foundation can be applied using fingers, damp sponge, flat foundation brush or any way you like. The benefit here is that a little foundation goes a long way. Since the formula is thick, you dont have to apply a lot of it to get coverage. It takes a small amount to cover your face. You need to however, decide for yourself that how much coverage you want and then how much amount you will need. However, if only it HAD a pump; I guess two pumps will be more than enough for your daily routine makeup and enough coverage. In the absence of a pump of course you will have to do hit and trial for the quantity you need. The formula when applied on the face dries quickly which is another plus I would say. It is not completely matte and leaves you with a little bit of sheen on face. This may or may not happen with you as everyone's skin is different (mine is combination). Once you have applied the foundation to your face; you can either set with a setting powder or continue with your other makeup if you do not use a face powder or powder dries out your skin.


  1. A small amount is required for the application
  2. Coverage is good 
  3. It actually STAYS on the face!!! OMG! It claims 24 hours but honestly I never kept my makeup for 24 hours; BUT it stays for as long as i keep it... the max I have kept it is about 16-17 hours and it was there. This was like a dream come true for me as due to my combination skin; all the foundations I use for daily routine are basically lost on my skin after maximum 4-5 hours. So this is the basic reason I love this product SO MUCH
  4. Since it stays on the face itself; it helps the other products that you apply over it to stay longer as well. This includes your face powder, blush, bronzer and highlighter
  5. Since the makeup layer on your face stays the whole day; you will actually feel your skin getting better in a few days. (Don't ever sleep in makeup girls, follow a proper cleansing routine. Read our DIY makeup wipes post here)
  6. Minimizes pores and fine lines on the face with flawless coverage
  7. With a 30ml bottle, the quantity used per application is very less and the coverage provided is good enough to last whole day so overall your 30 ml will last for a long time


Well, honestly nothing I dislike about this foundation but few of the cons which I want to let you know before making a decision to make this purchase are below:
  1. Obviously, absence of a pump is the most irritating thing for me at least
  2. Too much application may result in cakey look after 7-8 hours. Please test how much amount is good for your face and stick to that much. Since it has good coverage you wont need to apply heavy layers of this foundation. If you want heavy coverage, blend it well
I can only find these cons in this product. Do let me know your comments about the product  if you have used it or are planning to use it.

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