Friday, December 25, 2015

Review - Atiqa Odho Contouring Powder "Coffee"

Hi my girls, contouring and highlighting is something which is always tricky and at times you are not sure which shade of contouring will be suiting your face. I am personally looking for different shades to try out for contouring and enjoy the different looks according to different outfits and situations.
Recently I came across a contouring powder by Atiqa Odho cosmetics called "Coffee". Its very reasonable price urged me to try this out as my mantra is to find out better priced alternatives to everything expensive. Read further to find out how it works and what is its result like on my face.
Atiqa Odho Contour Powder in Coffee
Atiqa Odho's Contouring Powder in "Coffee"

Where to Buy?

I bought it from but since it is a local brand; many of local cosmetics and chemist stores have it. You can also contact Odho Cosmetics official facebook page here to know further details about availability. 


I got it for 400/- Rs.


It comes in a beautiful shiny dark red box with the shade visible from the outside. When you open the box, the product itself is in a compact of same dark red color and opens from the top as well as the bottom. The top cover exposes the powder and the bottom cover opens the compartment where the sponge is placed along with the mirror. Overall, the packaging is good and sturdy enough for travelling and carrying around. 
Atiqa Odho Contour Powder in Coffee
Application Preview & Swatch

Product Details:

Okay, now lets come to the product itself; the color of the powder looks promising in the first look. It does come with a sponge to apply it but honestly I want a bit more precision with the contouring so I prefer using brush. Some ladies even like to use their fingers for contouring [OMG I am sure they would be experts in this skill unlike me ;) ] so its basically everyone's own preference. The powder is in good form and doesnt come off too much when I pat my brush on it which is again a plus point. Some powders come off a lot when I swirl my brush on them and that is a huge turn off for me cos hey whats the use of a compact if its coming off like this!! Anyways, moving forward, the color payoff is good and when you apply it on face you see a visible difference so you know something is definitely working here. As far as the application is concerned, I have tried applying it directly over foundation as well as after applying foundation + powder and it works well for me according to my requirement of heavy or light contouring accordingly. I blend it using the same brush with which I apply it and it gives a good contoured look for both face and the nose. Overall, I consider it a nice daily wear contour powder and I prefer this one to the other powders I have for contouring (MUA Bronzer & Oriflame VeryMe Bronzer). I have a Christine Contouring stick as well (Read Review here) which is very good but I would rather use it on occasions when I want heavy contouring and not for everyday use. As far as the staying power of this powder is concerned it is mainly dependent on what base you use underneath it. If you are using a powerful base like Revlon ColorStay (Read Review here), it will stay for longer as well however if you are using a lightweight base like Garnier BB Cream; it will stay for about 4-5 hours and not more than that. Also, this is buildable so basically you can control the amount of product you will be applying on your face. You can manage the application for daily use as well as a bit heavy coverage. However for very heavy coverage or face shaping, I would recommend using a cream based contouring product. Overall, I consider this a good contouring powder for the price I paid for it and its good enough for daily use. I will also consider buying this again once this one finishes.

Have you used this contouring powder or any other? Do share your comments below.

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