Sunday, December 6, 2015

Top 5 Lifestyle Blogs I follow!

Hello Ladies, we all have some inspirations to look upto and of course a beauty blogger's inspiration will definitely be so many other bloggers. Today I am going to list down my top 5 followed blogs and the ladies which are my inspiration when it comes to beauty & lifestyle blogging.

Top 5 lifestyle blogs I follow
Top 5 Lifestyle Blogs I follow!!!

  1. CutiBubbli: Well, lets start from our very own Pakistani beauty blogger CutiBubbli. I have been following her since a very long time now on wordpress and facebook and her videos on dailymotion are very comprehensive and detailed. She is very responsive on her facebook page and always responds to any query if I ever ask something about any of her particular looks e.g. any lip color or eyeline name and brand. Another thing I like best about her is that she uses and reviews products from all price ranges and therefore is not just a high end product blogger. I wish all the best to her for her blog and may we continue to see her dramatic looks and makeup tutorials to learn more and more about makeup.
  2. BubzBeauty: Bubbi; whose real name is Lindy is a beauty & lifestyle blogger since many years now and I have been following her since about 5 years. She has been a regular youtuber with many makeup looks and tutorials and has also started her vlog channel which is also very popular. She has also started a series as a lifestyle guide for girls in which she answers questions of her followers and gives her views about the life events. Overall she is a cute character and is an inspiration to many of the aspiring beauty bloggers out there.
  3. Michelle Phan: She is one of the big names in the beauty blogging industry and I am one of her followers since the very start. She is a true hard worker and the fact that she is a self made entrepreneur proves it right. Her youtube channel is very popular and she is the founder of Ipsy which is world’s largest beauty community. She has recently launched her premium lifestyle network called ICON. She is a true inspiration to all of the girls who want to become successful in any race of life.
  4. The Freckled Fox: This is another lifestyle blog which captures my attention everytime I visit it. Emily, the owner of the blog keeps the readers engaged with all the happenings in her life as well as sharing her bits of inspiration, DIYs, ideas and fashion stuff along with lifestyle advice from her own experiences.
  5. The Chic Site: This site is a lifestyle blog of Rachel Hollis, who runs it like a magazine and you can find everything on her blog ranging from lifestyle advice, to makeup ideas, to cooking stuff, to decorating your house. This magazine is run by a whole team and Rachel keeps adding bits and pieces of her life and experience to inspire millions of women across the world to get up and do something for themselves; and to change something in their lives if it is stopping them to be happy.
So, these were the top 5 blogs I read and enjoy. I do have a huge list of the blogs which I follow but couldn’t list all of them here. Which of the blogs are in your top 5 list? Do comment below. 

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