Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to Use a Beauty Blender!

Hello ladies … hope you are all enjoying the winters! :)

Today’s post is about one of the highest used beauty tools of today – the beauty blender. You may get drop shaped or bottle shaped beauty blenders these days from many facebook pages, online stores as well as cosmetic shops – but do you know what is the best way to use it? I m sure many of you do, but for the beginners out there; I am here to help you understand how to actually use it the proper way to apply foundation.
How to use a beauty blender
How to use a Beauty Blender

  1. Step 1 –> Wet your beauty blender – preferably put it under running water (a tap)
  2. Step 2 –> Squeeze your beauty blender; Squeeze it hard so that the water stops trickling down from the sponge. this way you get your sponge damp but not drenching wet – perfect for your makeup application
  3. Step 3 –> Now your beauty blender is in perfect position to use for blending foundation. As it is damp, it will absorb the least amount of foundation thus blending foundation on your skin in a better way.
It is important to clean your beauty blender regularly; will be doing another post on that very soon.
Also keep in mind that the above method is best suited for foundation blending. For powder, blush, contouring powder, bronzer, and highlighter etc. you can use the dry beauty blender as well.
Everyone uses their own way for blending the foundation; above mentioned is the appropriate way to use beauty blender to make the most out of your foundation – do you have any better tips? Do share in the comments below !!!

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