Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Beginner's Guide to Contouring & Highlighting

Hi my lovelies, makeup is a unique science in itself; and until you actually  know how to use a specific product, you wont ever understand how dramatically a simple trick can change your whole look. The same thing happened with me when I didnt know how to use a blush on face and once I actually did learn how to use it, I just realized what I was missing and how it makes my whole look complete in an instant. Similarly, I have recently indulged into contouring and highlighting and believe me it is a drastic change to your face even with lighter strokes and proper tools.
How to contour and highlight
Beginners Guide to Contouring & Highlighting & How to draw a 3 on your face!
I have tried few products for contouring and you can read my reviews here. However, one of my friends asked me a question which urged me to write down this post for all the lovely ladies out there. The question was - quite simple: How exactly to contour your face? Well why didnt I think of it earlier, I am posting reviews of which powder and which stick is good for contouring but what is in those posts for the girls who have never used a contouring powder/cream earlier. They are totally blank about the contouring just like I was few months back. So here I am, with a post to let you know basics of contouring and highlighting and with practice I am sure you will be an expert very soon.

Okay, so I have posted a template picture which I prepared for you guys to understand where should the contour powder/cream go and what is the place of your highlighter. I will discuss each of the points individually below. Let's start from forehead to chin.


  1. Contour powder to be placed on your forehead near your head and in horizontal motion. Blend it along your temples and bring it down to the hollows of your cheek (explained in detail in step 4). Keep your hand light so you can blend only as much as required. Also, if you already have a smaller forehead; try to keep this contouring to a minimum or you can also avoid applying bronzer on your forehead.
  2. Contour the sides of your nose to give the illusion of a slimmer and sharper nose. The starting point can be the edges of your eyebrows; bring your fingers or brush down towards the tip of your nose. Avoid the bridge of your nose as this is where the highlighter will go.
  3. Apply bronzer/contour powder your jawline to lift your face a bit. 
  4. The most important place where your contour powder has to go is the hollows of your cheeks. I have shown it as an arrow in my picture to let you know how the direction of your brush should be. Start your contouring from the alignment of your top ear and move towards your lips. Don't go overboard and do not take the contour powder upto your  lip corners as that will be too dramatic and will look less natural. For a natural, subtle look, just bring your brush closer to about one inch outside your lip corner and leave it there. Blend this contour powder properly but staying in the same region (don't blend it on the whole cheek)
  5. A small tip is to draw a 3 on your face to achieve the contoured and dimensioned look. (See right side of the picture)


  1. Apply powder highlighter or cream to bridge of your nose and extend it to the mid of your forehead in a V shape. Try not going overboard on the forehead
  2. Apply on your cheekbones to attract light on that part of face
  3. Apply on your cupid bow
  4. Apply on your chin
  5. Apply under the eyebrow outer corner
I hope the information is somewhat useful for you. Do let me know if you guys need some other information on the topic. If you do have more ideas, you are more than welcome to share. Let us all know how you do your contouring & highlighting.

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