Monday, December 21, 2015

Tips to extend Battery life of your cell phone!

Hello ladies. Keeping our mobile phone charged is one of the really big challenges these days... while we do want our cell phones battery to last whole day, it becomes really hard keeping in view our smartphones literally run our lives these days. From alarm clock to reminders, from social networking to the obvious - Communicating; from personal blogging to running local businesses, everything is centralized on our smartphones.

tips to extend your battery life
Tips to extend your battery life!
Having faced this challenge of saving mobile battery and keeping it awake all the time myself, I have consolidated few tips which have proven somewhat useful to me. I am listing them down below so that you guys can also take some advantage from these tips. In fact, if you guys have any tips of your own, you are more than welcome to share in the comments so that we can all be on the line all the time ... ^_^

Okay girls, so lets get started with the tips:
  1. Before buying a cell phone, make sure you check the battery capacity. This seems like unimportant at the time when you are buying a cell phone but in recent days this has become more and more significant for all of us. Previously, even I didnt care about the battery capacity and never even checked it when looking for a new cell phone. Very basic phones come around 1200 mAh battery which honestly is not a lot specially for a smartphone. The higher the mAh value, the longer that battery will last for you and the lesser you will have to recharge it. Do look for this value when you are buying your next phone :)
  2. Well, now you have bought a cell phone, and want to extend its battery life. So what can you do with this phone. I own an Android phone so that's what I am using as an example here. You can use an app to save your battery. I personally use CM Locker which is actually a locker app but helps to save battery and RAM of your phone as well. There are other popular apps like Battery Doctor which are solely for this purpose and might prove useful for you. 
  3. Keep a car charger in your car so your cell phone is being charged while you are travelling. Many car chargers are very very low power so you better know what is their voltage and compare it with your phone's actual charger because using a low quality car charger can actually spoil your phone's battery which is a bigger loss than draining your battery one day. I personally dont really trust car chargers a lot so I ultimately stopped using car chargers when one of my phone's battery practically died after charging it on car charger for a long time.
  4. Keep your phone charger in your handbag so that if you go to work or any such place where you can get a power slot you can put your phone on charging while you are busy in your work OR maybe you can buy an alternative charger and keep it at your workplace instead of carrying your charger everyday to office.
  5. Invest in a good quality power bank, again mAh matters a lot here. Most of the power banks actually do not have the exact capacity which is mentioned on them so its better to get as much as you can afford. I own a 50000 mAh power bank and when its fully charged I can get my phone charged roughly 2-3 times only while my phone battery is 2300 mAh only. It never gets upto 100% charged but yes it takes it up to an acceptable level. This might be because I put my phone on power bank charging while its already on and definitely is consuming battery as well as charging at the same time. However, having a power bank is really useful as you can put your phone on charging in your handbag and while you are travelling or shopping your phone is getting charged. 
Above were few tips from me to keep your phones charged. Do you have any tips of your own, do share in the comments below.

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