Saturday, March 12, 2016

#Review - Ling-E1 Colored Liquid #Eyeliner

Girls, I have always loved liquid eyeliners and somehow pencil liners dont really last longer on my skin as its too oily. The gel eyeliners take like forever to dry on my super oily skin and I have to sit for a long time with closed eyes to wait for it to get dried (which it doesnt EVER on my skin dont know why *sniff* ). Anyhow coming back to these liquid eyeliners in super cool colors which I bought recently - these were available in about 6 different colors but I decided to experiment with 4 colors (including black).
Colored eyeliners
Ling-E1 Colored Eyeliners
The eyeliners are nicely pigmented though a little bit of shaking might be required before applying these. The color payoff is good although the blue seems closer to the black one and when you have applied a thick coat; its hard to tell if its black or blue. It claims to be a waterproof eyeliner which it is. It cleanses off in a thin stripe like form when you clean it using either a makeup wipe or a cleansing sponge. The eyeliners have soft tip which I personally think give you more control over what type of shape you are aiming with the eyeliner (thick or thin etc.)
Swatch - Violet - Green - Blue
Overall, I m happy with the purchase as these were not so expensive. You can get these from my own page as well on pre-order.
Have you  used any colored eyeliners? Do share your feedback and suggestions below!

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