Friday, March 25, 2016

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Hey Lovelies, using a serum is one important task to add to your routine these days due to the always changing weather and pollution in the environment. My hair tends to get really frizzy during humid days which just makes me hate them!!! I have noticed that if I use a serum on my hair when its a bit damp after the shower, the frizziness tends to be reduced therefore i am trying to make using serum a part of my everyday shower routine (though at times I am lazy like we all are *lol*)
#Keune #HairBeauty Split Ends Serum HF1/SF9
#Keune #HairBeauty Split Ends Serum HF1/SF9
I got these #Keune #HairBeauty #SplitEnds #Serum capsules as a part of the PR campaign I was doing for #Keune's Signature salon elysian grand opening in Islamabad and have tried them few times since then. I am ready for a review on the capsules now as I am confident about the results and usage :) So let's get started girls!!!

The Packaging:

The capsules come in packs of two and the pack says "#Keune #HairBeauty #SplitEnds #Serum - HF1/SF9". Now a lay person like me will get to thinking what do these words means. #Keune explains these in the #HairBeauty catalogue - HF (Heat Factor) and SF (Shine Factor) give you an insight into the degree to which the serum gives your hair heat protection and shine respectively. The higher the heat factor, the higher the heat protection it gives you. The higher the shine factor, the higher shine you will get on your hair. Since this is a beauty serum and not specifically for heat protection, the heat protection degree is 1 for this one.


I have medium length hair and I have noticed one capsule is a very good enough quantity even for longer hair. It can ideally be used fully in one time or you can keep it for 2-3 usages if you can keep it safe after pricking it once ;) To use, you just have to prick it with a needle (I used a safety pin) and press it to get the serum out. Serum is a clear liquid which can be directly applied on damp hair.

Product Results:

I have used other serums as well but honestly this one took me by surprise.

  • First of all the quantity in one capsule is much more than my expectation and can be used more than once. The only trick will be to keep the capsule safe after being pricked because otherwise you will have a serum mishap in your travel pack (ha-ha). 
  • I use it on my damp hair after shower and find my hair absolutely frizz-free once they dry up (both air dry & blow dry) which is like the best thing ever for me. Since it says HF 1, I dont rely completely on this one as a heat protectant and use another heat protectant as well if I have to straighten or curl my hair. However, for blow drying this much HF works just fine. SF 9 means it adds gleam to the hair and yes it actually does that. The shine actually shows up in the photos. 
  • Another plus point is that you dont have to carry a whole serum bottle when you are travelling. Just put few capsules in your bag and you are sorted. Travel Friendly Bonus!!! Don't you think so!
Overall I am very satisfied with this product and really enjoy using this one. 
As with other #Keune products, these are not available in the market and you will have to get these from authorized beauty salons. In case you are interested in buying these do let me know and I will get you the information required to buy them.

Disclaimer: #Keune sent me this product as a PR sample. However, this has not affected my review in any form. I have tried my best to be fair and clear in my product description and it's performance.

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