Saturday, March 5, 2016

#Review - #Essence Mattifying #Compact #Powder in 10 Light Beige

Lovelies, hope you are enjoying the summer season as this is the time when the weather is neither so cold nor so warm and you can wear all the springy clothes you want to wear. With summer approaching, definitely you must be looking for some compact powders that will absorb your sweat and oil and keep your face fresh the whole day. Let me review one of my recent purchases #Essence #Mattifying #Compact #Powder in 10 #Light #Beige and you can read on to see what are my views on this one!
#Essence Mattifying #Compact #Powder in 10 #Light #Beige


Packaging is plain and simple with a transparent cover. There is no mirror with this compact. Nothing too fancy over here to discuss.


Price of this compact powder was Rs. 420/- which is quite reasonable I think. I bought this from

Product Details:

Overall, the coverage is light to medium, enough for daily use. However, the staying power is not very good. If you want this to stay whole day, you will definitely need touch ups every 3-4 hours. With the amount of money invested in the product, I think it is a good purchase but I would definitely go for another powder when there is some function or event I want to go to as I want more coverage and staying power for such events. I have kept this powder for my daily usage to office. Coming to its mattifying property which it claims in its name as well; I would say it actually does mattify your face and as long as it is on the face does well to absorb the excess oil and sweat on the face so that is something where the powder claims are true. 
I would recommend this product to you if you are looking for a reasonably priced powder which gives enough coverage for daily usage. Have you girls used this powder? Do share your comments and feedback on the same by commenting below :)

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