Monday, March 21, 2016

My Wonderful #Shopping experience with #ThredzOnline

Ladies, lawn fever is all over the country as soon as a little ray of sun hits us. From every possible corner of the social media, you are looking at unlimited designs of lawn prints and multiple collections which catch your eye.
Some lovely designs from Thredz latest collection - View more at

One such brand is #THREDZ which just caught my eye with the amazing stitched collection they were offering in reasonable prices. Their collection appealed so much to my eyes that I wanted to order 2-3 items :D however since it was my first time ordering from them I just held my horses and wanted to experience their customer dealing and above all the stuff of clothes which #THREDZ is offering.

I chose their lovely piece "#SpellBound" from their two piece collection and imagined myself wearing the piece on my wedding anniversary which was just around the corner. I placed order on their website and started waiting for the item anxiously (we all girls know that feeling right *hehe*). To my surprise when two days later I checked my account on the #THREDZ website I saw there was no order placed from my side *OMG*. Turned out there was some network glitch and my order was never placed on #THREDZ website. I tried to place another order for the same dress and to my disappointment the dress was no more available in my size *SNIFF*. Desperately I dropped a message on the online live chat available on their website and the customer services rep responded me. I told her the whole situation and she checked at her end and told me that there was no piece left in my size even in their stores which was another blow to my expectations which I had build up to wear that dress *LOL*. Seeing my disappointment, however, the customer services rep lady offered me that #THREDZ will arrange the piece in my size and in two days they will get back to me with the updates. I was excited beyond limits and gave my consent to them to arrange the item in my size. I insisted them to arrange the dress ASAP as I had to wear the dress on my anniversary date which was getting closer and closer.

Well, ladies the #THREDZ team kept their word and arranged that dress for me in two days in my size and dispatched to my address. I received it at my place the third day and was all set to wear it as per my expectations! I am a huge online shopaholic but honestly the level of customer service and commitment the #THREDZ team showed to me has made me their permanent customer and I recommend them to everyone!!! I thought about writing this post on my blog so that the extra mile they went to get me the dress I wanted is shared with everyone who's looking for a decent lawn collection with an affordable price tag PLUS an amazing customer service department.

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