Tuesday, October 11, 2016

#Review - #Rimmel #LastingFinish 25 Hours #Foundation - 111 #Natural #Ivory

Ladies, in busy life like ours, we are always looking for ways to avoid touching up our makeup every few hours and the products which claim to do so catches my attention everytime.
One such product I found in the cosmetic counter the other day was #Rimmel #LastingFinish 25 hour foundation. Let’s read on to find out how the product managed to impress (or depress) me ;)
#Rimmel #LastingFinish #25Hour #Foundation - 111 #Natural #Ivory
#Rimmel #LastingFinish #25Hour #Foundation - 111 #Natural #Ivory

The Packaging:

Comes in a 30 ml tube which is good enough to be carried in your purse. The tube is made of thick plastic if that is of any interest to you. Semi-transparent with bits of paints and text about the product which also shows off the color so you can decide it is good enough for your skin tone or not.

The Pricing:

I got it for PKR 1499/- from GreenValley Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Product Details:

Honestly, I am not much impressed by this product. Specifically considering the price it is for, the formula does not work up to my expectations. The texture is liquid creamy and thick enough to provide light to medium coverage. It is somewhat buildable so you can layer it up for better coverage if you want to.
I use a brush to apply this on my face and this product blends well on my face.
I checked on the internet about the available shades and was looking for 100 #Ivory but sadly Green Valley did not have the shade I wanted so I had to go with the lightest one they had (111 #Natural #Ivory). Therefore, my opinion about the product might have been affected by not having the exact perfect shade and this is possible that the product failed to impress me due to that.
Regarding the staying power, 25 hours is a claim which really makes up your mind that it will last at least the whole day; for me the product does stay for a good number of hours (6-8) with a little staleness. I am using this foundation for everyday makeup to work or to some personal visits around; but will not be using this on some important events or functions.
Will I buy this again…? No I wont. Because I can get better foundations around the same price tag with better staying power and quality I guess. I might try it again if I get the correct shade for my skin though.
If you are specifically looking for a long lasting foundation with good coverage and an all rounder, I would recommend you to try out Revlon Color Stay Foundation.
Having said all that, I will again affirm that every skin type and every individual is different. Something that might have suited me may not work for you and vice versa. My review is totally  based on my experience with the product. You are welcome to share your comments if you have any different experience than mine.

Did any of you use this foundation? Do share your comments below!

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