Friday, September 2, 2016

#Review - #Mustela #vitamin #barrier #cream for #Baby

Lovelies, being a new mommy has been quite an experience for me altogether. After becoming a #mom obviously a whole dimension of #skincare and #babycare unleashed in front of me. I am always looking for the products which have the least amount of harmful chemicals and are totally appropriate for a baby's delicate skin. 

Being the skin conscious lady that I am, I ordered a #sunblock for my baby's mild skin (you will read review in my upcoming posts); and #Mustela was amazing enough to send me #free #samples of their wonderful #baby #products. Today I am reviewing one of those products for all the #mommies out there. Read on to find out how was my experience with #Mustela #Vitamin #Barrier #Cream.
#Mustela #Vitamin #Barrier Cream
The cream claims to do the following:
  • Prevent
  • Relieve
  • Repair
I used this on my 2 month old #princess and observed the below results after about 4-5 applications.

☁ Her skin was supple and clearer after using this cream
☁ A small amount of cream covers a lot of area on baby skin
☁ Cream has a thick consistency so forms a proper even layer on the skin thus protecting it against the wetness and germs in the diaper area
☁ Redness in the diaper area visibly reduced after two applications
☁ It does repair the redness and skin irritation in the diaper area

Apart from the above mentioned results, this cream claims that 98% of the ingredients are organic therefore least amount of chemical on your baby's skin. There are no parabens, no perfumes, and no preservatives in this cream which makes it a strong candidate to be used on the sensitive baby skin.

Have you used this cream? What are your findings?

Disclaimer: #Mustela sent me this product as a PR sample. However, this has not affected my review in any form. I have tried my best to be fair and clear in my product description and it's performance.

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