Thursday, October 27, 2016

#Review - #Mustela #Physiobebe #NoRinse Cleansing Water

Girls, being a mommy unleashes a whole world of skincare products for a makeup and skincare lover lady like myself :)

Recently, #Mustela sent me a goodie pack of baby products which I was lucky to try out on my baby. Today I am going to review one of the best products I received from them - Physiobebe No Rinse Cleansing Water. Read on to find my comments on the same:
#Mustela #Physiobebe #NoRinse #Cleansing Water
#Mustela #Physiobebe #NoRinse #Cleansing Water

Well, since I didnt buy it myself I would skip the pricing and packaging part and will move right on to my comments for the product.

First Impression!

As soon as you open the bottle, a beautiful fragrance catches your attention, I just love the fragrance and so does my husband. This fragrance even stays up till the next day which I love about it. Its very very refreshing and does not bother the baby as well.

How to use?

I soak a corner of a face towel with this water and clean my baby's face with it. It is a very mild formula which cleanses baby skin without causing any dryness, oilyness, or any rashes.


Babies tend to suck their fingers at times. They also have this reflux issue in the earlier months which means their faces and mouths are always dirty and you need to clean them up again and again. This is where this No Rinse water comes up for the use always for me. It saves a trip to the washroom and cleaning her face again and again with water and running her under the tap (believe me its scary to pick a thing that small and carry it around the house especially near water where slippage is a huge risk *lol*). Babies are really tiny and FTMs (First time Moms) like myself are not the experts to carry them for slippery activities like bathing and washing face. This refreshing cleansing water cleans up the dirt, germs and leaves the baby squeaky clean and scented. 

I will definitely be buying this product again because I LOVE IT!!!
Have you ladies used it for your babies yet. Do share your comments if you have.

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