Monday, June 6, 2016

5 #Pro #Tips for your #HairCare Routine

Hey ladies, all the pollution in the environment and the loads of chemicals we put into our hair everyday obviously work up our hair a lot. If we need to keep up with the trends like latest hair colors and highlights/streaks then we must also know how to take care of our hair properly to minimize the damages these heat treatments and products cause our hair.
5 pro tips for your haircare routine
5 pro tips for your haircare routine
  1. For starters, you must use a calming shampoo (clarifying shampoos will do as well) like #Keune #SoPure #NaturalBalance Calming #Shampoo For #Sensitive Scalp with #Chamomile, #Lavendar & #ArganOil at least once a week. It helps your scalp get thoroughly cleansed with the chemical buildup. In fact this shampoo is mild enough to be used everyday. You may read the detailed review of the product here.
  2. Use a good heat protectant before any heat treatment on your hair. For example, read our complete guide to straightening your hair here and learn what minimal products you need before using any kind of heat treatment on your hair.
  3. Use a good quality serum on your hair while your hair are damp.This makes your hair less frizzy and as a result easier to manage. Also your hairstyle stays fresh for longer. Many serums are available in market and are good. Read my review of #Keune #HairBeauty #SplitEnd #Serum here.
  4. Use a dry shampoo to avoid too much washing of your hair every single day. I use Batiste Dry Shampoo.You can read review in my old blog posts here,
  5.  Tradition goes a long way. Despite the claims that oiling has no effect on your hair; I personally believe oiling does a great help in nourishing your hair. I have tried many different oils on hair and each one has its own set of advantages for hair but I just LOVE coconut oil. And hey, coconut oil is not just good for hair, you can use it in so many other ways as well. Read here for details. Ideally I think we should be oiling our hair every 2-3 days but being the lazy souls that we are; do it at least once a week I recommend.
These were few tips from my side on how to keep up with healthy hair in this busy age. Do you have any tips of your own? Do share in the comments below.

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