Monday, January 16, 2017

#Review - #Atiqa #Odho #lipstick - #Pleasure AP8 [#Funtastic #Bundle #Winter #Sale]

Hello ladies I hope you're having fun. All of you must be knowing that the most favorite piece of makeup for me is a lipstick. I can have colors and colors and colors and still they would not be enough for me. So recently I came across an awesome deal on website a bundle of six lipsticks was on sale. I am always been hearing very good things about this lipsticks but never actually got a chance to try them out. When I came to know about the same I thought it was the best time to try these things out and put on my blog for review so that you guys can also learn how the product actually are. Ladies are you doing to find out if the product was good enough for me or not.
#Review - #Atiqa #Odho #lipstick - #Pleasure AP8 [#Funtastic #Bundle #Winter #Sale]
#Review - #Atiqa #Odho #lipstick - #Pleasure AP8 [#Funtastic #Bundle #Winter #Sale]

The Pricing:

Well since this was a winter deal on their website so I got 6 lipsticks in a bundle which was called The #Funtastic bundle for only PKR 1650/-

The Packaging:

According to me this is one of very different and unique packaging for a lipstick. As you might see in the picture the packaging is really cute and bold at the same time with colors of dark red and gold. It looks like I would say an ice cream stick and has a very beautiful detailing of gold at the bottom from where we pull the lipstick bullet down. 

Product details:

Coming to the actual result of the product; I think this is a good lipstick with a very beautiful nude pink color with hints of small glitter particles which add to the grace of the pigment. This color is easy enough to be carried with everyday looks as it goes with the natural tone of your lip somehow. It can also be used on formal occasions because of that little hint of Shimmer. It is smooth and glides on your lips due to its creamy texture. Also it does not dry your lips like many other lipsticks do. As far as the staying power of this lipstick is concerned it stays on your lips for a good time period of about 3-4 hours without requiring any touch up. In about 6 hours when you are eating as well it completely goes away. If you use any lipstick sealing technique like few mentioned here, this will last much longer.

Overall I would say I'm satisfied with the staying power as well as the color payoff of this lipstick.

I would definitely try other products of the same brand in the future. 
Have you guys tried this product or not?  Do share in comments below.

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