Sunday, December 25, 2016

#Review - #Essence make me #brow #eyebrow #gel #mascara in 03 #soft #browny #browns

Girls,  i have been wanting to get an eyebrow mascara since like ages but never actually got a chance to try them out.  I was okay with using eyebrow pencils for the perfect look but there was the makeup junkie inside me that always urged me to at least try out an eyebrow gel mascara. 

Recently I got my hands off this reasonably priced product called #Essence make me #brow #eyebrow #gel #mascara in 03 #soft #browny #browns and I just thought I had to try it. I was not really happy with sharpening my eyebrow pencil every few days (yes I am that finicky) so I thought lets use a brow mascara instead. Read on to find out my views about the product!
#Essence make me #brow #eyebrow #gel #mascara
#Essence make me #brow #eyebrow #gel #mascara

The Packaging:

Packaging is simple and sleek, like all essence products. A mini mascara which is compact enough to be carried in your bag. The color shows off on the box so you can decide which shade you want.

The Pricing:

I bought it for PKR 470/- from D. Watson F-10 Markaz, Islamabad.

Product Description:

Well, the product color payoff is average. I found only two shades available at the shop and one was really light so I bought the darker one. However, it was still a bit lighter for my eyebrows but I am using it anyways. The mascara brush is good enough for the brow shaping and helps in taming stray hair well. However the shade was lighter for my hair so I had a hard time using it and setting my eyebrows with it. Also it was not very efficient in filling gaps in my eyebrow hair and I had to put in some effort for that as well. This might be due to the lighter shade. It does keep the eyebrow shape intact for the whole day though. As a product I would mark it as an average product. Personally I would not buy the same product (in the same shade) again. I might try the shade 02 (browny browns) next time.

Have you guys used this product? How was your experience? Do share in the comments below.

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