Saturday, December 17, 2016

What 6 months of #motherhood have taught me!!!

As I mark the 6 months of my baby (mashAllah) with me, its hard to point out what I exactly feel right now. It has been a beautiful journey with its ups and downs, and with an amalgamation of moments of happiness, sadness, anger, annoyance, emotional drainage, physical exhaustion and what not.

I used to read this quotation before being a mother and now I realize how I never truly understood it earlier. Once you become a mother, or a parent for that matter; you are willing to undergo situations you didnt think you will. You are willing to forego things you never thought you will let go. Somehow your whole world, your whole decision making process starts revolving around this little creature who becomes the focal point of your life.

You have your highs and lows because being human definitely you have your own capacity, you get exhausted and tired while making it up to manage the baby, your life, your career, your social life and all other responsibilities and you are in a constant battle with yourself that you should drag yourself just a little bit more so you can be a perfect Mom.

To add to your struggle, the society plays a very important role; ever since you become a parent, people all over the world (yes i mean it) consider themselves to be the "Super-Parents" and are judging your child and your parenting skills inside out

Oh he is so skinny, you didnt eat well while carrying him; 
Why is your baby crying all the night, maybe you don't know how to take care of him? 
Why is your baby sleeping all the time, maybe he is too weak and lazy to get up? 
I think your baby has a disability, his arms and legs dont seem straight to me! 
You dont need much rest, women all over the world give birth!
If the baby is not well; dont ask us for solutions. You should take your child to doctor, how can you be so cruel??
 Dont take such a small child to doctor, dont expose him to medicines too early
Why is his skin peeling?  **how naive** 
Why is your baby still waking up at nights, why dont you sleep-train him?
Why are you letting the baby sleep through the night, you are keeping him hungry! 
These are just few of the examples which a mother is facing with every passing day. Not to mention that she is herself fighting a constant battle by judging herself all the time of being a good mother or not. She considers herself responsible for every single thing that affects the child, and the society (very conveniently) adds to her despair and always puts her in a struggling position. She struggles hard to meet the parameters set by the society, her family, her friends and most importantly set by herself for being a perfect mother and ultimately ends up too tired or exhausted.

Struggling to become a good mother usually takes away the small pleasures from her life which could be to enjoy the motherhood, to take care of her own health and her baby's. To see how important she is in the eyes of her baby and how beautiful life becomes with just one smile of the little one.

For me, stepping into motherhood has been a rollercoaster ride, and I have learnt so many new things in this period of 6 months which my entire life before the baby could not teach me :). I have learnt to be patient and at the same time ignorant (by ignoring unnecessary things). My time management was always an appreciated skill both at work and home but in these 6 months I am myself impressed with with the way I manage my baby, home, career, relationships and my personal life; I have learnt to be more responsible and since I am wholly and solely responsible for another human being; the sense of responsibility is at its peak. I have learnt to not waste time on issues that dont really matter. I have learnt to be restless, sleepless, sick & tired but still perform upto the mark in all the races of life. I have learnt how to stop socializing for a while if my child is sick. I have understood how adverse weathers will affect her so I would decline invites to vacations. I have learnt to be more flexible which is totally unlike the old me :) My decision making is quicker than before because I don't have much time to think about a certain thing as my focus is my child. I have learnt what foods to include and what foods to ignore despite my own liking & disliking as my diet directly affects my baby. I have learnt to wake up hours before my regular waking time to prepare for my baby's day ahead and I have learnt to sleep hours later than I used to sleep so I can do all the pending things before calling it a day. I have learnt how exactly the priorities lie in my life and how I can juggle between them. It becomes so easy after having a baby because you clearly know what is the most important thing in your life. No matter how rough the day had been, one glimpse on your baby's smile - and life is beautiful again :)

Motherhood has been the most beautiful journey for me these last few months; and I hope it will teach me a million more things in the upcoming years InshAllah. I hope some day my little girl will read these lines and understand the struggle any parent has to undergo while raising a child. Do you mothers out there relate to me?

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