Thursday, November 10, 2016

#Review - #Keune #CareLine #Treatment #SatinOil for #Coarse #Hair

Hi lovelies, if you have been following my blog you must be knowing that I received a goodie pack from #Keune a while back.  #Keune #CareLine #Treatment #SatinOil for #Coarse #Hair was part of the product set that I received. I was quite excited to try this out as I was experiencing little bit of roughness on the hair below my shoulders. Let's read on to find out whether this product helped me or not...
#Review - #Keune #CareLine #Treatment #SatinOil for #Coarse #Hair

The Packaging:

The product comes in a beautiful transparent jar which is filled with golden honey colored fluid visible so you can see how much of the product is left. It is a pump bottle so you can control the amount you want to apply on your hair.

The Pricing:

Product was sent to me as a #PR #Sample so I didnt buy it. However, if someone is looking for this product I can always check with the #Keune team and let you all know.

The Product:

As we all have very busy lives now a days; and to add the cherry on the top the pollution in the environment, heat treatments and chemical applications on the hair really damage the texture of our hair. We need to take care of our hair like never before. This product, I would say does exactly that but with the least effort possible.

As mentioned on the box and the bottle, it is an oil treatment with Yangu, papaya seed oil and maracuja oil. Yangu oil provides UV protection to your hair, has natural anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids. Papaya seed oil is said to soothe dryness, fight dandruff and nourish the hair and skin. Maracuja oil contains fatty acids and acts as an emollient thus keep hair hydrated which is very important for coarse hair. Together this combination of hair works hard to keep your scalp dandruff free, well hydrated, prevented by eczema and other skin/scalp conditions as well as keeping your hair nourished, silky & shiny.

I use 2-3 pumps of the product and apply to my slightly damp hair after showering. I would say that a little amount of product goes a long way, you can adjust the amount according to the length of your hair. The fragrance of this product is oh-so-awesome! and I just love smelling it. It has such a silky and smooth texture and gets absorbed in the hair quickly. Even your hands are feeling silky smooth after you have applied it due to the oil content which is equally good for our skin. Now coming to the results, the hair feels settled down and less frizzy after using it and the flyaway hair are a bit lesser. . In a few uses you will find the hair texture getting better and if you use it as a hot oil treatment you will notice the difference very quickly. Another good thing is that it does not make hair look very oily or sticky. The hair feel softer and smoother after application which feels really good especially if your hair was getting rough from the ends. Regular use improves the hair texture and the roughness is reduced. Overall it is a very good product and I think I will buy it later when this jar has been finished. 

Have you used this product yet? Share your comments below for all of us to read.

Disclaimer: #Keune sent me this product as a PR sample. However, this has not affected my review in any form. I have tried my best to be fair and clear in my product description and it's performance.

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